Downloading 40.2.1 its like xmas is early :)

Downloading 40.2.1 its like xmas is early :)

just got an update a few days ago so figured no 40.2 for me a bit. Phone just chirped with the 40.2.1 update. Have to go for a drive soon and test out the new lane changes!

bjrosen | 10 dicembre 2019

Just showed up a couple of minutes ago, installing now.

82bert | 10 dicembre 2019


M3phan | 10 dicembre 2019


JAD | 10 dicembre 2019


M3D | 10 dicembre 2019


Whdame | 10 dicembre 2019

@m3phan- we must be in the same exact update group to include the secret ones.

Switchmon | 10 dicembre 2019


-TheJohn- | 10 dicembre 2019

I am also in the cool kids club.
Wonder what's in it this time?!

richardls | 10 dicembre 2019

Installing. Anyone have release notes yet or know what's included?

Joshan | 10 dicembre 2019

better lane changes
wipers on neural net
better speed control when the car in an apposing lane is going far slower than you are

thats off the top of my head

Joshan | 10 dicembre 2019

opposing lane*

M3phan | 10 dicembre 2019

@ Whdame, seems so! I pinged Tesla as this one seemed delayed for me which was unusual.

Mr. Spacely | 10 dicembre 2019

...and you guys are all still on HW 2.5? So far I had only heard of HW 3.0 cars getting 40.2.1.

richardls | 10 dicembre 2019

I'm 2.5 and getting it now.

M3phan | 10 dicembre 2019

Yes still on hw2.5, but waiting for the call to dance with HW3

peldor427 | 10 dicembre 2019

You guys are bumming me out! I just left my car at the body shop for a week - somebody had hit it and left a sizeable scratch while it was parked and I was inside a building. :(

Scrannel | 10 dicembre 2019


bcmusik | 10 dicembre 2019

On 3.0 hardware and just got it today

Pepperidge | 10 dicembre 2019

+1 leaving early for update.

wayne | 10 dicembre 2019

Getting it now.

Magic 8 Ball | 10 dicembre 2019

Looks like 6 “clicks” to get it this time ; ).

rxlawdude | 10 dicembre 2019

On 2.5, downloading from my phone's hotspot now.

vmulla | 10 dicembre 2019

What about the climate control improvements? Car is in the shop and they advised me to look for it in the update.

KAM6 | 10 dicembre 2019

I just want to reiterate that you do not need to be connected to wifi to see that an update is available. I'm parked at work where I am not connected to wifi and because of this thread I checked my phone. Sure enough when I opened the Tesla app it says there is an update available to download (connect to wifi).

Cycle53x12 | 10 dicembre 2019

On HW 2.5 and also got the update.

Mr. Spacely | 10 dicembre 2019

2.5 and just got it!

peldor427 | 10 dicembre 2019

@KAM6 - thanks for the info, I just checked my app and it told me the update was there and to connect to WIFI. But that makes it even worse! I know it's there but still need to wait a week until I get my car back! :P

gparrot | 10 dicembre 2019

Also downloading, sloooooowly. Mind you, mine says it’s 40.2, not 40.2.1. But I may be surprised when the install is complete. And I’m in Canada.

stingray.don | 10 dicembre 2019

Downloading now. Looks like it is rolling to the masses according to TeslaFi.

jebinc | 10 dicembre 2019

Similar/same as 2019.40.2, which I got a week and a half ago. AP still bounces between left and right lanes like a drunk. Wipers do work better. Stop sign recognition doesn't seem to work on HW3 cars, like mine, but does on 2.5.

Joshan | 10 dicembre 2019

AP has never bounced left and right in my lane for me on any version. Really seems like a car issue and not a FSD/AP issue.

jebinc | 10 dicembre 2019


The ping-ponging AP from recent releases is widely discussed on TMC. Never had it until two updates back. I suspect, like dancing cars, it will be fixed with an upcoming release. Could be a HW3 thing?

kmazzone | 10 dicembre 2019

I just got it today. Luck would have it that I saw the notification as I was pulling into Tesla for some paint repair work. Downloading now but it’ll probably be sometime I can play with it :(

How do I know what version of AP hardware I have?

Joshan | 10 dicembre 2019

ahh yes could be HW3, I am HW2.5. Thanks for the followup!

Effopec | 10 dicembre 2019

@Kam - thanks, just checked my app and it is there. Will download tonight.

My EAP has ping-ponged a bit worse since 2019.36. Not terrible, but not dead center like before. That seemed to start the same time that it would hedge a bit towards the far side of the lane as you passed a truck, so it could be related.

leo33 | 10 dicembre 2019

I've never experienced ping-ponging "like a drunk". If you get anything worse than very occasional mild oscillation, you should get your allignment checked.

casun | 10 dicembre 2019

installing now.

Joseb | 10 dicembre 2019

Is it true that the traffic cones visualization only applicable for HW 3.0 ?

Spartan-117 | 10 dicembre 2019

@bcmusik how long to HW3 install take to complete?


andrewlee05 | 10 dicembre 2019

Does anyone know how big the file size is for 40.2.1? Thinking about using the hotspot feature on my phone, but need to make sure I have enough data. Thanks.

JAD | 10 dicembre 2019

Mine was 637MB.

rdovale | 10 dicembre 2019

I got an error that it failed now have to wait for it to be sent again.

Switchmon | 10 dicembre 2019

I just took it for a spin. One thing I noticed is now all the fire hydrants are detected as traffic cones although they are pained a different color (like yellow, for example). Didn't do that in the previous release. I didn't see it detect a stop sign or alert me as I coasted by it. I wonder if I need to set something up.

hokiegir1 | 10 dicembre 2019

Just installed. Of course, I'm having surgery tomorrow ( worries), so no driving for me for about a month or so. Guess hubby will enjoy it.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 10 dicembre 2019

Good luck and fast recovery!

stingray.don | 10 dicembre 2019


Hope all goes well with the surgery

hokiegir1 | 10 dicembre 2019

Thanks, all. Like I said...reasonably minor. Just an overnight stay and I should be back to annoying everyone by the weekend. :)

3500HDP3D | 10 dicembre 2019

installed last week, just drove it today. lane changes are dramatically smoother from the last update.
It also recognizes stop signs and lights and give an aural and visual warning to take over if it senses you are about to run the sign.
Very pleased with the lane change update. The previous update was better than before, but too aggressive.

stingray.don | 10 dicembre 2019

Minor surgery is surgery that happens to someone else

wayne | 10 dicembre 2019

Does visualizing red lights and stop signs require hardware 3.0?