No navigation map without cellular signal?

No navigation map without cellular signal?

I heard that the navigation map will not display (even regular map) when M3 loses cell signal at some place like national park. Is it true?

PteRoy | 10 dicembre 2019

Nope. I’ve lost signal it just says “routing without traffic data” I think.

EVRider | 11 dicembre 2019

Yes, you might lose the map if you lose cellular service. Part of the map is cached in the car so it won’t disappear immediately, but when you travel outside the cached area the map won’t refresh. Navigation will still work — you’ll see the tracking arrow on a blank map.

digichemie | 11 dicembre 2019

In that case, I better to have offline navigation app on my phone.
Thank you!!!

Haggy | 12 dicembre 2019

Navigation should work with or without signal. I'm not sure what the Model 3 does without connectivity. With the Model S, maps work fine on the binnacle display even without signal. For the big screen, you won't see the map detail but you will still see the route overlay. I would imagine that that would be the worst case scenario for the Model 3.

I just had my FSD computer installed so the car had to download the latest maps when I got home. The old ones were wiped out. I got a software update last night, which was 881 Mb. The total download for the week was 6.29GB, and there shouldn't have been any other significant traffic. So that means that almost all of the rest of it is maps. The total for the last 30 days is 6.29GB, so everything else is a rounding error compared to the map data.

That's way more map data than I used to get with external navigators, and is more than a single layer DVD, so I doubt that there's too little data for it to work without a connection.

leo33 | 12 dicembre 2019

Map data is cached, so if you examine the route on the map before you lose coverage, it should be there when you do lose your cell connection.

billstanton | 12 dicembre 2019

I lost cell on highway 1 along the coast of CA part of the route from San Louis Obispo to Monterey. Lost the satellite map but road showed until I got closer to Monterey. Of course navigation was moot. Go North or go South.

gmr6415 | 12 dicembre 2019

You'll lose the satellite imaging but not the map. There are areas in VA, WV and MD where there is a ban on private radio and satellite signals. When driving in that area I found that if you zoom way out on your satellite image prior to a known area without signal it will cache the data. Once the data is cached you can zoom back in as close as you want.

"The National Radio Quiet Zone (NRQZ) is a large area of land in the United States designated as a radio quiet zone, in which radio transmissions are heavily restricted by law to facilitate scientific research and the gathering of military intelligence. Roughly half of the zone is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of west-central Virginia while the other half is the Allegheny Mountains of east-central West Virginia; a small part of the zone is in the southernmost tip of the Maryland panhandle."

CharleyBC | 12 dicembre 2019

Okay, 'splain this to me. Plenty of times we've been driving through some cell-hole or other (I'm looking at you, Nevada) and the car has lost maps on the nav screen. As others have mentioned, the blue curve representing our route remains, and the little red arrow that represents us scoots along just fine. So clearly with no signal we get no satellite view maps. But we also don't get just plain maps, even if I manually switch to plain maps mode. So even the basic, plain maps seem to require a connection. If that's so, then just what is actually contained in these mammoth map downloads that our cars get from time to time?

gmr6415 | 12 dicembre 2019

@CharleyBC, I've never lost the road map. That said, I learned on our first trip where we spent a good 4 hours driving in a no cell zone (NRQZ) to zoom way out as you see you're losing LTE. It makes the car preload/cache the maps. That said, I've lost satellite images in the Ocala National Forest, but never the map itself.

spuzzz123 | 12 dicembre 2019

I know there was one time I got a MONSTROUS ota update. Like 7-8 GB. Everyone on the forums discussed it at the time that it was navigation data - a map refresh. So I wouldn’t think you’d need to be LTE connected to render the maps. Maybe if you lost your GPS signal then it wouldn’t know where to place you on the map. (Does it actually use gps or triangulate with cell towers?).

LikeEVs | 12 dicembre 2019

I hope Tesla will implement offline maps. It took Google many years before implementing that feature on the smart phones, hope it won't take as long for Tesla.

CharleyBC | 12 dicembre 2019

@Gmr6415: that works fine if you’re more tuned in than I typically am to the status of the cell signal. Alas, my clue is usually the map becoming a checkerboard of squares with and without data. The “without” ones just look like graph paper. So what the heck is in those map downloads?

billtphotoman | 13 dicembre 2019

I often travel into areas without LTE coverage and haven't lost maps. What I have noticed is that if I am in an area without LTE coverage and try and enter a destination into the navigation system that doesn't work.

Varricks | 17 dicembre 2019

I took a run from Manteca over Ebbetts Pass (CA SR-4), then across Monitor Pass to Gardnerville. Gangs of fun to be told at Bear Valley I needed to re-charge. Oops. But the downhill side of the uphill got me across. My podcast feed gave out just east of Bear, then the maps stopped just short of Lake Alpine. Finally came back on the downhill side of Monitor Pass (CA SR-89).

rxlawdude | 17 dicembre 2019

If you need to enter a destination while outside of cell coverage or local WiFi, nav will allow it. However, you must enter the street ADDRESS, not the name of a point of interest/business the way you can when connected.

The map will not display (just that grey grid), but your "route" will indeed appear as blue line (sans any context). Turn by turn should still work.