Latest update resolved my phone key unlocking issue

Latest update resolved my phone key unlocking issue

You may have seen my previous post describing the issue I was running into and listing the many things I tried without success. Basically, the car was no longer unlocking when I approached with my phone in my pocket. Here's the previous post for full details:

I'm happy to report that after the most recent update (2019.40.2.1) the issue seems to be resolved. The car is once again unlocking when I approach without having to take my phone out of my pocket, wave it around, tap it on the pillar, swear, etc. I'm curious if others who were having the same issue are also good to go now??

pkmantmc | 13 dicembre 2019

My wife's iPhone also has issue unlocking door. She has to put it up by the pillar to unlock and because of it, she thought about buying the $150 key fob.

My SR+ was updated last night. Hopefully this problem will go away as well.