Games disappeared

Games disappeared

Has anyone lost the games? I looked this morning and they weren’t there.

Иг | 30 dicembre 2019

Were you speeding? Ran stop signs?

Fuzzball | 30 dicembre 2019

Its in entertainment. There are tabs now

tony.taylor442 | 30 dicembre 2019

There are two tabs on the top middle of the Entertainment screen. One for Arcade and one for Theatre, which it defaults to. I didn't see this for ages either - was driving me mad!

Jtwo | 31 dicembre 2019

Ok, the last time I even looked for them they were amongst the fart and cowbell apps.

Magic 8 Ball | 31 dicembre 2019

The games did not disappear, fake news.

cdahl3 | 7 gennaio 2020

My arcade and theater icon disappeared and in its place is one called trax

kevin_rf | 7 gennaio 2020

For a moment today I thought Dog Mode had disappeared. The puppy was very happy when I realized they had re-arranged the screen.

lbowroom | 7 gennaio 2020

They disappeared from their previous location. Now they are somewhere else

garygotch | 8 febbraio 2020

My games disappeared altogether. How do I recover them?

stingray.don | 8 febbraio 2020


The previous posts on this thread describe how the games were relocated on the UI. That might resolve your issue.

garygotch | 8 febbraio 2020

My grand children and I have looked everywhere. No sign!

stingray.don | 8 febbraio 2020

Hit the ^ button then “entertainment” then select “arcade” at the top of the screen.