iPhone 10 XS Max

iPhone 10 XS Max

Anybody experiencing problems using your iPhone with the Bluetooth? I have had this problem intermittently since I purchase in July but now can’t get to work for 2 weeks. Phone won’t call out when trying to use the Bluetooth. Additionally, I can accept incoming calls but cannot hear the person speaking but they can hear me. I have the latest updates on the vehicle and phone. I have also deleted and reconnected the phone twice.

Darryl | 1 gennaio 2020

I have a iPhone 10 XS Max and don’t have any problems.

You may have to completely delete the phone and connection and start from scratch.

Mrotr565 | 6 gennaio 2020

OH WOW. I had this exact same issue. THE EXACT SAME issue in my last Audi A6. In fact, I bet you meant to say you can hear them, but they cannot hear you. IPhone XS Max glitch.

I lost it with Apple. I emailed Apple. Got an executive liaison that gave me the run around for 2-3 weeks. Then I was so upset I reached out to the FTC—federal trade commission to lodge a complaint.

I’m not sure if it did any good or worked. But 2 weeks later or so, the glitch in my phone stopped. My wife thought that perhaps it was “patched”. Don’t know.

Don’t return the phone or exchange it. It’s NOT a hardware issue. I exchanged it and the issue persisted at the time.

All the nonsense they tell you is just them giving you the run around. “WiFi interference” or “network reset”. They’ve all just been trained to lie to you. Apple is not really the same company anymore.

The most important thing I wish I could convey to all these companies, is truth—truth is the most important thing.

Anyway, I wish you luck in this phone was annoying and sporadic for me and ruined my Audi car experience, which then led me to tesla. And I’ve had my own issues with the Tesla.

niduj | 7 gennaio 2020

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