Feature Request: Microsoft Teams app in Tesla

Feature Request: Microsoft Teams app in Tesla

Hi, We get more and more Tesla's in our fleet (model3). Since we use MS Teams for chatting, conferencing and SIP-Calling it would be perfect to have the Teams app in the car. It is available for Linux and Android so technically it should be easy.......

Looking at the adoption of Teams and Tesla's it seems logical, and could be a great upsell argument for Tesla.......

Anyone else who would like this option? Just respons to this post, I think many reply's or likes could get the attention of the Tesla development guys :-)

ps. I can open teams in the browser, but then the "call" option is not available so thats no solution.

andre | 2 gennaio 2020

Wouldn't that be a fairly heavy draw on the networking of the vehicle?

EVRider | 2 gennaio 2020

Everyone who hasn’t actually developed commercial software seems to think everything is “technically easy.” It isn’t.

I don’t think there’s a huge demand for Microsoft Teams in the car, seeing that no one else has mentioned it (as far as I know). There are lots of other more popular technologies that people have been asking for (Apple CarPlay for example) that haven’t been implemented, so don’t get your hopes up.

Sarah R | 2 gennaio 2020

I can't imagine why. TBH I have a tough tinge comprehending games and streaming video in the car, but for crying in a bucket, why do we want another software company mucking with the car?

I'm trying to understand why my car made DNS requests to, and most of all!

Get out of my property, data mines and marketers!

yudansha™ | 2 gennaio 2020

How many people driving Tesla use it for personal stuff?

hokiegir1 | 2 gennaio 2020

I don't need a Teams app for the car. I'm fine with the calendar integration. Just use that, include the call-in ID for the Teams meeting, and you should be able to just tap the number to connect that way.

EAPme | 2 gennaio 2020

We are a Microsoft shop and use Teams pretty extensively. Despite that (or maybe because of that) no thank you to Teams integration. It's a feature-bloated pig.

Calendar integration is fine, I'd prefer it to be agnostic.

RP3 | 2 gennaio 2020

@EAPme - thank you!

tas | 8 aprile 2020

If Tesla allow web browser access to the microphone ... hmm and/or the camera (you know .. that one), this should work. Tried it just then, the web based one. Everything works except the conference. Then any web based conference provider would work on a Tesla.

Gonna be a nice party trick especially now most of us now are working from home in Melbourne Australia.

EVRider | 9 aprile 2020

@tas: If you’re working from home, why do you need access to a web conference from your car?

syung61 | 9 aprile 2020

It is like we don't have enough distractions to cause accident. God help us all!

M3phan | 9 aprile 2020

Yeah, I’m not sure that would be permitted, would be a major distraction to driving.

posinator | 9 aprile 2020

no microsoft code! bt not bsod

gdepau | 9 aprile 2020

I tried the web version of MSFT Teams and it worked but you can only get the chat portion not the video since there is no camera.

Earl and Nagin ... | 9 aprile 2020

Please keep Microsoft, Apple, Android, etc away from my car.
We can tolerate them on our devices but they are not reliable enough for our cars.
If you want your MSFT Team, Zoom, Facetime, Skype, Webex, etc, just use your device. I'm done many a Webex, etc from my car (IN A PARKING LOT) on my phone or tethered laptop. I don't need it on the driver display.

gbeaudoin | 10 aprile 2020

There's still a lot to go before we see any IM apps being added to cars, this kind of feature addition being mainly dependent on the breadth of their driving autonomy.

Tesla is building some of the safest cars. They're certainly not releasing apps that would have drivers jump in discussions with coworkers on Slack or Teams while driving. That would be immensely inconsistent, or at least until NoAP is ready for prime time (i.e. when we have an autonomous Tesla taxi fleet).

mrburke | 10 aprile 2020

Please NO.

dennis.hui | 23 aprile 2020

It would be great to have Microsoft Teams in Model 3. I would then be able to attend meetings in my car.

dennis.hui | 23 aprile 2020

It would be great to have Microsoft Teams in Model 3. I would then be able to attend meetings and listen to presentations in my car.

dennis.hui | 23 aprile 2020

It would be great to have Microsoft Teams in Model 3. I would then be able to attend meetings and listen to presentations in my car.

mazers | 24 aprile 2020

About the last thing I need in my Tesla is Microsoft.

yudansha™ | 24 aprile 2020

I want magic leap’s augmented reality glassed to come with the next update. /s

bddaughe | 24 aprile 2020

@yudansha, haha...can you imagine? You could have play a points game where augmented reality people are along the road and you have to mow them over!

andy.connor.e | 24 aprile 2020

i want skype, i want pandora, i want spotify, i want carplay, i want androidauto.

*connects phone via bluetooth*
"ok google, play pandora"

bevan.daley | 18 maggio 2020

i would love to see that capability

kim | 18 maggio 2020

How about an open source, Linux-based, free video chat like Jitsi? All you need is a web browser to connect. You can even set up your own Jitsi server. Tesla would still have to provide access to the camera and microphone, however.