Voice Commands Hi Failure rate

Voice Commands Hi Failure rate

Just got the upgrade for 10.2 2019.40.50.7
Now my voice commands to Calling someone in my contacts just barely works or not at all..
Same for Navigate. Issuing the command "Navigate to Starbucks" used to bring up a list in the area of StarBucks.." Now it just sits there with the Mic symbol in listening mode and does nothing after about 4 seconds.. repeating the command doesn't work.

This is most of the time now.. other times it works as expected.

This is a big change from previous Software versions.

Anyone else with this issue?


EVRider | 7 gennaio 2020

Yes, plenty of threads about this already. You can find tips for searching the forum here:

vpoz | 7 gennaio 2020

Yup same here with 40.2.3 plus autopilot seems not to see neighbouring lanes on multi lane highways a lot of the time.

djsdo | 8 gennaio 2020

Spoke with support today. Voice commands not functioning is a common complaint. They had me try powering off for 2 minutes followed by an immediate scroll wheel boot without success. Appears a new update is needed.

plusplusjames | 13 gennaio 2020

Use voice commands on your iPhone as a work-around.

EVRider | 13 gennaio 2020

@plusplusjames: That only helps with phone calls, not with anything else voice commands do.

PrescottRichard | 13 gennaio 2020

Vpoz- I’m on that build with my 2016 S 90D and not having issues with seeing lanes, in fact I thought it had gotten better lately :) Everything clean on your car? Even with cinders & dirt on the road obscuring lines it seems to be doing pretty well.

vpoz | 14 gennaio 2020

@Prescott - interesting. What makes me think it’s software is that if I manually switch lanes then Autopilot quickly recognised this as a new lane, even before I’m fully in it.

ziggy | 15 gennaio 2020

This just sucks.. Voice commands used to work so much better and it is not just an annoyance.. I use it to call people and navigate a lot more often than I thought (now that it isn't working) Very poor testing and quality control on software updates.. some rookie really broke this thing. 150K car that I love is now in my way for doing daily things I took for granted.

paolosam | 15 gennaio 2020

Ciao to all. I have italian language on my model S and after the update was terrible. I was thinking that italian language update has to be improved. But reading content of this post it is not an issue of language.

john.trapp | 15 gennaio 2020

It may only be a perception, but the speech recognition in the latest software seems to be slightly worse than before.
I would love speech recognition for some in car features such as turning on the windscreen demister or defroster, or the seat heating controls. No need to look down onto the central console.

plusplusjames | 17 gennaio 2020

@EVRider: True that. I have stopped trying to use voice commands for the most part.

barrykmd | 17 gennaio 2020

I wonder if it's their own voice recognition software or Google's? I've noticed Google's voice to text has gotten a lot worse in accuracy over the last 6 months.

billvb | 18 gennaio 2020

I don't know if this will fix all of the voice command fails, but I found that holding down the voice command button for longer than I used to really helps. Previously, as soon as I saw the text confirmation of my command I would release the button, but since 2019.40.50.x this technique has resulted in almost all of my voice commands failing. Now I hold the button down until I see confirmation that the command has not just been recognized but is being executed. It's actually been working quite well for me since I had this discovery.

ALSET | 18 gennaio 2020

billvb- interesting, I'll give this a try. I've never held down the 'voice button', before I'd press it once wait for the tone and speak my command, when I was done I would press the button again. Failure rate even before the new update with more voice commands seemed high. So then I would press the 'voice button', hear the tone and speak my command and just let the car execute...I wouldn't hit the 'voice button' the second time. Now you're saying to hold down the 'voice button' for the duration of the command and then not let go of the button until the command has been executed eh?

jerrykham | 18 gennaio 2020

I had thought Tesla had jumped right on this and upped the capacity on their servers. If you recall, right when the 10.2 update went to the masses (at least those with MCU 2 anyway) the voice commands were immediately almost a 100% fail as the servers were overloaded with people trying the new commands out. A day or two later and at least most people reported that they were working most of the time again. Seems like they still haven't gotten it right with their servers as these commands are not decoded in the car; they are sent to Tesla just like commands on most phones go to the OS maker (Apple, Google) (although recent Google Pixel phones do have a local voice model and local decode now).

neil | 20 gennaio 2020

I've got this problem too, like so many others. The only decent workaround I've discovered is turning to my wife and asking her to interface with the screen. This workaround, though, does not work if I'm driving alone.

My Model S has taken a significant step backwards.

Qwiksilver | 20 gennaio 2020

Same here, and I didn’t update yet. Makes me wonder if Tesla can force certain updates without the owner’s knowledge or consent.

EVRider | 20 gennaio 2020

@Qwiksilver: I don’t believe Tesla pushes updates without your knowledge and consent. Since the voice command failures are likely due to server issues (at least in part), Tesla doesn’t need an update to fix them.

Keep in mind that the car is undriveable while an update is installed, so it would be really bad if Tesla forced updates.