Cameras stay free of light snow

Cameras stay free of light snow

I discovered that car's cameras are kept snow free when parked in light snow

Here's the visual

Joshan | 7 gennaio 2020
vmulla | 7 gennaio 2020

I know that, but I didn't expect them to do their thing when I was away and not interacting with the car. Pleasantly surprised :)

Joshan | 7 gennaio 2020

how else would sentry work? :)

FISHEV | 7 gennaio 2020

No evidence in the video that the cameras have a dedicated heater. We know the cameras use a lot of power from the energy drain of Sentry Mode so likely any "defrost" is simply from the heat of the device being on. Not saying there is no heater but the video certainly didn't show one just hot spots on a recently run car.

Considering how often the "Camera's Can't See" warning comes on and off

CharleyBC | 7 gennaio 2020

The front three have defroster lines in the glass, like a miniature version of a rear window defroster. I've heard that the defrost effect on the B pillar cameras is from the heat of the camera itself operating.

@vmulla, was Sentry on? I'd assume so, otherwise I'd hate the car to be using energy when I didn't ask it to.

vmulla | 7 gennaio 2020

Joshan | January 7, 2020
how else would sentry work? :)
Aaah! Didn't think about that. Good point, and you put another great smile on my face :)

Also, that's a great point all by itself - Your Model 3 is secured with sentry even when it's snowing.

However, I didn't activate sentry. There's more to discover with the cameras and their heaters. Maybe someone else will chime in with more info/observations.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | 7 gennaio 2020

Funny that Fish never noticed heater element on his front cams. I have our car for 3 month and noticed it right away

Tronguy | 7 gennaio 2020

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calvin940 | 7 gennaio 2020

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Zeus140 | 7 gennaio 2020

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