Etiquitte with smart summon?

Etiquitte with smart summon?

Ok, so I tried out smart summon a couple of times, and yes I know it is beta. It's great and I want to use it more, but the problem is that people get really confused, and the car doesn't behave "nicely" in terms of where it puts itself e.g. out of the way of traffic, when it comes to a stop at the target. It very well might end up putting itself right across two main lanes of parking lot traffic. It might put itself right into the path of a car that is changing from reverse to drive. It might get confused where a lane splits around a pillar and stop in front of the pillar, straddling two lanes. It seems to me there is logic in there since it appears to prefer the right side of a parking lane, but it isn't nearly enough for actual use in a grocery store lot.

So other than "in an empty parking lot in the dead of night" is there any guidance for when it is OK to use smart summon?

Has Tesla said anything about when or how they plan to roll out better "behavior"? Without more controls (e.g. "reverse course for 10 feet" or "stop, turn right, and hold") I can't use it in real parking lots.

For the record, I think it's really cool that Tesla has opened this feature up despite its obvious shortcomings and I know it's just a step along the way to full self driving.

EVRider | 10 gennaio 2020

I haven’t tried it yet because I haven’t found a safe spot to do so. One of these days...

jerrykham | 11 gennaio 2020

At this point I would say it is more of a parlor trick than a useful feature. You are probably best off not using it.

SCCRENDO | 11 gennaio 2020

I use it often. I do use it as a parlor trick but it works very well. I just make sure that nobody is actually driving in the area. I worry more how other drivers will react but I do trust smart summon