Who has owned hypercar or supercar here?

Who has owned hypercar or supercar here?

Anyone totalled an uninsured McClaren F1 before purchasing his/her Tesla?
Have you put your deposit on a Roadster 2.0?

Enzodriver | 11 gennaio 2020

Why do you ask about totalling an f1 specifically?

SCCRENDO | 11 gennaio 2020

I guess a personal story is upcoming. I have never totaled a McLaren insured or uninsured. In fact I have never totaled a car. So my answer would be no.

SCCRENDO | 11 gennaio 2020

Also no deposit on a roadster. I am still enjoying my Model S and Model 3

Orthopod | 11 gennaio 2020

It was in reference to the story of Elon Musk in Ashlee Vance biography on the thing he did when he sold Paypal.
I don’t have any personal story coming sorry

rob | 12 gennaio 2020

Yea, I googled uninsured F1 and a lot of Elon stories popped up. Pretty funny.

"Elon, why are you laughing? You just crashed a $20M car!"
"Oh, I'm not laughing because I crashed it. I'm laughing because it's not insured."