Another issue. This time with the app.

Another issue. This time with the app.

The Tesla app is very glitchy.

One of my pet peeves about this app is with logging in. It has a face recognition option in the setting. But sometimes the app signs out on its own. Or sometimes I sign out of it.

When I choose to go back in, it NEVER goes to face recognition, despite the fact that I checked the box. I have to write in the password.

Again, glitch after glitch after glitch after glitch. It won’t stop.

Will report next one, I’m sure next week.....

lilbean | 12 gennaio 2020


vitaman | 12 gennaio 2020

Now that is strange.
Have conservatively used my app 1800 times. I have had to type my password in maybe twice. And that is over 5 years.

patswin | 13 gennaio 2020

Perhaps your the glitch

m.a.joanisse | 14 gennaio 2020

App logs in with Face ID flawlessly time after time after time on my end. I dunno maybe get a new phone or a new face :)

lilbean | 14 gennaio 2020

Maybe it doesn’t recognize you without makeup.

sunsinstudios | 14 gennaio 2020

*sigh* ok the facial recognition is for unlocking the car and starting without key not for signing into the app.

I don’t know why you would need to sign out like you’re saying you do, I’m assuming it’s so you Have a reason to write another post here. When you do sign out, the app defaults to turning facial recognition off - I assume because it’s the most secure setting.

No need to report next one, it’s probably an issue only you have and you aren’t looking for solutions. Just share it with your spouse.

vitaman | 15 gennaio 2020

Just want to applaud the restraint and great humor in the responses.
Would be easy to go off the deep end.