Wireless Phone Charger

Wireless Phone Charger

Several items available on Amazon, Evanex, and the Tesla site: Any favorites?
Any to avoid?

Do you think that 2 iPhone 11 Pro Max phones in minimalist cases will fit side-by-side?

mknewman | 14 gennaio 2020

I just bought a Jeda, like it, haven't had time to hook it up for fast charging yet, but it will do it. It barely fits my Note 9 but there is a divider so if any phone fits 2 will.

You can also use the phone in landscape. I left a wired connection for my wife whose phone won't wireless charge but it will still charge mine landscape.

bjrosen | 14 gennaio 2020

I'm using the TapTes, it's working very well with my Pixel4XL. Charges the phone quickly when my hotspot is off, charges slowly when the hotspot is on but it does keep up with a little to spare but that's probably Tesla's fault, they stupidly used standard USB instead of USB Type C which supports a higher current rate.

I also have a 12V to USB-C converter in the center console,

Tesla screwed up on the position of the 12V plug in the center console, it bumps up against the tray, they should have put it a 1/2" lower. However it does work as long as you use angled cables,

We use the 12V to USB-C for secondary devices, my wife plugs her Pixel 2XL into these cables. This charges at full USB-C speeds.

bradbomb | 14 gennaio 2020

I have the Nomad Gen 1 and am a complete fan. I’m sure the others work well too.

raqball | 14 gennaio 2020

I have this one.. No complaints and it's works as it should..

RES IPSA | 14 gennaio 2020

I bought this a few months ago. It works great even with my Otterbox thick case on it. I have an iPhone 11

carolhagey | 14 gennaio 2020

I love mine from TapTes! It works great. I chose it because you can place and charge your phone either vertical or horizontal.

Red Ryder 3 | 14 gennaio 2020

Great comments...thanks.
Anyone able to charge 2 (two) iPhone 11 Pro Max?

FISHEV | 14 gennaio 2020

2nd vote for the Gen2. It is arranged so you an put a large phone (iPhone 7+ in Mophie case) horizontally and it will charge it wirelessly. The others have the divider go all the way down and my larger phone won't fit there.

The provide all the cords and connectors so you get your two USB ports back.

Syed.Hosain | 14 gennaio 2020

another plug for Taptes, Mine works very well.

FISHEV | 14 gennaio 2020

"Do you think that 2 iPhone 11 Pro Max phones in minimalist cases will fit side-by-side?"

No. That was my issue. Look in BestBuy for the Mophie iPhone7/8+ case and you can see how big my phone is compared to 11 Pro Max.

M3phan | 14 gennaio 2020

@ Redryder, YES two iPhone 11 Pro Max here and both fit no prob on the Jeda gen 1 pad.

M3phan | 14 gennaio 2020

Oh and our cases are Speck antishock. Not minimalist, not super chunky. Medium thick cases.

Big_Ed | 14 gennaio 2020

Have Taptes. Fits my Pixel 3 just fine, but my wife's Pixel 3 XL is too long to fit vertically and won't charge horizontally for some reason.

dterrell | 15 gennaio 2020

My wife's iPhone 11 Pro Max XL Mega Edition phone with case fits fine on one half of the Nomad charger I purchased here:

Pg3ibew | 15 gennaio 2020

I have a Galaxy Note 8. It will not fit vertically with any type of case on it. I installed the wireless charger. Then listened to my sons and they told me, JUST REMOVE THE CASE AND THEN PUT IT BACK ON. Thay resulted in a broken phone.
Wireless pad OUT. Lol

zamarian.nazim | 15 gennaio 2020

For me, I prefer using the charging mount with automatic clamping function in Tesla because I can put the phone on the wireless charger with a single hand. It is so high-tech and convenient.

I still need to press a button to release the clamps, which is one of the shortcomings.

I don't think we can place the iPhone 11 Pro Max in the landscape orientation because it is too wide, which exceeds the maximum grip length of the charger mount.