Anyone install front carbon fiber eyelids

Anyone install front carbon fiber eyelids

Has anyone installed front carbon fiber eyelids on their model 3? Debating if it’s worth the purchase. RPM TESLA has them for about $129. It’s real carbon fiber. Ebay has lots of knock offs for like $40. Anyone do either?

Here’s the ones from RPM TESLA:

lilbean | 14 gennaio 2020

Good luck getting your product.

andrewsjra | 14 gennaio 2020

@lilbean, did you order them? They usually take a while if they are back ordered. Love their products though.

lilbean | 14 gennaio 2020

I won't order anything from them anymore. My orders are usually wrong or damaged.

lbowroom | 14 gennaio 2020

Hmm, I just stop by and pick things up there, haven’t had a problem

RayNLA | 15 gennaio 2020

So this company likes to turn Model 3’s into Infinity Q50’s...No thanks!

NorthValley | 15 gennaio 2020

Personally I think they detract from the clean lines...BUT...Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you like it then go for it. I have ordered from RPMTesla and had no issues at all.

CST | 15 gennaio 2020

LOL... enjoy the *reduced* performance of the " performance sporty look to your Model 3's front end".

nnguyen72 | 15 gennaio 2020

@lilbean I'm there with you man, I stopped ordering anything from them because it would take months to get anything and several times I just ended up canceling orders because they kept sending excusing why products were delayed. They do offer nice accessories for Teslas unfortunately their customer service is terrible.

TabascoGuy | 15 gennaio 2020

Jeez, when you said eyelids, I thought you meant these...

TrexTesla | 15 gennaio 2020

I got them from RPM. Took a while to finally arrive, but I love them. Especially on the red car. I've purchased other carbon fiber from them. Center console, rear lip, interior lights covers, steering wheel inserts, wheel hub wraps, and side camera covers. I get lots of positive comments about turn, especially from 4 other M3 owners at work.

Big_Ed | 15 gennaio 2020
2015P90DI | 15 gennaio 2020

LOL, this site is so funny. Can't believe how offended people get when someone considers modifying the natural look of a Tesla. All the snarky comments! People, not everyone loves the look of the car. Most love what it is, but a large number aren't in love with the looks. Not saying it's bad, but people wanting to add their own personal touch is OKAY!

I've only ordered a few things from RPM. Haven't had any issues. One order was wrong, but they corrected it immediately.

2015P90DI | 15 gennaio 2020

BTW, My Model 3 was completely modified to my personal taste. New nose, revised headlights, spoiler, lowered, custom wheels, etc, etc, etc. The most common response I got was "Wow, that looks....great, incredible, amazing, etc!. Some of the biggest compliments came from Tesla service and the remote service guys that came out. I would say, if done tastefully, mods can look great. But, how am I to say what's tasteful. There's things I see that are butt ugly to me and millions of people love it. We all have our own tastes and preferences. So, whatever someone chooses to do their own cars, that they're happy with, is tasteful in their own opinion, which is all that matters!!

2015P90DI | 15 gennaio 2020
NorthValley | 16 gennaio 2020

@2015P90DI...hit the nail on the head is ALWAYS in the eye of the beholder!

creativeguy | 16 gennaio 2020

I installed some of these sweet speed holes on my model 3.

TabascoGuy | 16 gennaio 2020