Recommend tire inflator that fits valve stem

Recommend tire inflator that fits valve stem

The hose for my portable tire inflator that fits perfectly on my Volvo's valve stems seems to be slightly too big for my M3's; it will not stay screwed on. I would appreciate a recommendation for a tire inflator that has worked on your Model 3. I would hate to have to go to a gas station for this purpose! Thank you.

lilbean | 19 gennaio 2020

I have the Back and Decker pump.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 19 gennaio 2020

You screw on your inflator?

rob | 19 gennaio 2020

I got this one which has screw on and clamp on. The screw on works better for me.

Twochewy | 19 gennaio 2020

Try a valve stem extender. These work fine for me:

Big_Ed | 19 gennaio 2020

Schrader is Schrader, AFAIK.

Bighorn | 19 gennaio 2020

They all should work because it's a standard Schrader, as Ed said. Every one I've bought work fine.

Twochewy | 19 gennaio 2020

Not exactly...sometimes it's an access issue due to wheel recess & TPMS hardware. An extender seems to work every time. Just take if off after filling.

Bighorn | 19 gennaio 2020

That's possible for some, but not the OP's complaint about the fitting being loose on the valve stem.

Twochewy | 19 gennaio 2020

He only thinks it's loose because he isn't able to screw it in all the way.

Bighorn | 19 gennaio 2020

That's what she said.

Twochewy | 19 gennaio 2020

All he has to do is take a valve cap from his Volvo and put it on his Tesla (to see it fits). Big fingers don't help either...

Twochewy | 19 gennaio 2020

You so funny...

jamilworm | 19 gennaio 2020

I've had this one ( for my wife's car for a long time and I like it, and I bought a second one after my Tesla tire repair kit tripped the 12v breaker. It has fit fine and worked well on my Model 3. There are newer fancier ones that give a digital pressure readout but I just stuck with one that I already knew was good.

Varricks | 23 gennaio 2020

I added this because I'm so lazy.

I also use Summon to bring the valve stem up to the top of the wheel.

triton3 | 23 gennaio 2020

@Varricks Thanks! I have a screw in tire inflator and always worry about damaging the thread. The snap-on adapter is just what I need!

NorthValley | 23 gennaio 2020

Bought the Tesla fine. Pricey though.

rob.kibler | 23 gennaio 2020

Varricks. Your suggestion is perfect. I, too, have issues with screwing on the Schrader fitting from my Viair portable compressor. It seems like the center pin of the valve stems on the Model 3 18 in. wheels sticks out too far (or the post in the Viair compressor sticks out too far).

Just order the adapter. Thanks.

Varricks | 24 gennaio 2020

Glad to help. I don't so much mind having to go down there to screw on the air pump outlet, but afterward I'd have to stand up again. It was like a disease.

Then again, my bendover threshold for found money is rapidly approaching a dollar. Tough getting old.