Yellowing on screen edges

Yellowing on screen edges

Has there ever been a resolution to the yellowing on the edges of the 17” screen? I requested service on this 8 months ago and was told I’d be contacted when there was a fix.

GoldAK47 | 25 gennaio 2020

they are fixing with UV light at SC.

dslackman | 25 gennaio 2020

Thanks for the information.

dougk71 | 25 gennaio 2020

In Tampa the original UV machine to fix the problem wasn't able to do so..Tesla says it was broken or perhaps I'm guessing it didn't fix the problem. They said new machines were coming. I'm on the list but so far no appointment scheduled yet this year

Bighorn | 25 gennaio 2020

Successful fixes have been documented widely.

Ohmster | 25 gennaio 2020

Machines are up and running. My appointment in Agoura CA is for 2/3.

‘17 S75 + ‘17 X75D Both: Uncorked [E]AP MCU1 FSD AP2.5 Intrusion Grin on!

ALSET | 25 gennaio 2020

Does anyone with a Raven refresh car have yellowing borders? I'm wondering if the screens used on the refresh are the same ones as previous gens?

tjhlaw | 26 gennaio 2020

I had mine done recently (2016 75D). I was impressed. It seemed to work great and no issues. Previously I had had the screen replaced. The yellow border came back.
I have noticed a yellow border around the instrument cluster. Not as noticeable as on the center screen, but obvious on a sunny day. The tech told me that they are going to have tool for the instrument cluster yellow boarder at some time in future.

jimglas | 26 gennaio 2020

anybody try a UV light at home?
Would see a 5 hr round trip to the SC

triccobene | 27 gennaio 2020

Has anybody in New Jersey had the issue fixed? I have been trying to get this addressed on my 2017 90D since Dec 2018, and so far nothing has been done. Here's the history:

Dec 2018 - First reported the issues to Tesla and they scheduled the mobile team to come out to fix it
Jan 2019 - Mobile tech said he could replace the screen, but it would only happen again. He said they were working on a permanent fix and would let me know when it was available (they never did)
July 2019 - I was at the Springfield, NJ service center for something else, and asked if the fix was available. I was told they would contact me when it was (again, they did not)
Oct 2019 - In for service again at Springfield for something else and was told this time the fix was available, but there was only 1 machine in NJ and I had to schedule a later date. Scheduled for Nov 2019
Nov 2019 - Service appointment was cancelled by Tesla because the machine was not available at Springfield. Rescheduled for Dec 2019
Dec 2019 - Showed up at the service center only to be told that my appointment was cancelled by Tesla (they did not contact me beforehand to cancel), and that they could not get the machine in Springfield so I would have to reschedule for the Paramus NJ service center. Scheduled appointment at Paramus for Jan 2020
Jan 2020 - Appointment at Paramus was canceled by Tesla and I was told they would contact me "sometime in the spring" to reschedule

This is absolutely dreadful customer service. I know this issue is purely cosmetic and has no impact on functionality of the touchscreen, but the constant run around for more than a year with still no clear indication on when the issue will be fixed is extremely frustrating!

ATCRomes | 27 gennaio 2020

I have two Service Centers near me with the "tooling", as Tesla calls it: Dedham, MA and Warwick, RI (less than a year old location). These two centers are about 50 miles apart. Only Dedham has the tooling. Warwick has been on the list to receive it since about late summer 2019. It appears they do not share tooling even being that close. They require owners to travel to the center which has it. Mobile is unable to perform the service.

Try running in Night Mode on the display. It will reduce the appearance of the border (barely visible). Out of sight, out of mind until you're able to get it resolved.

Suicidal Squirrel | 27 gennaio 2020

@jimglas - Search for a thread called DIY UV Treatment for Yellowed MCU Screen on the Model S forum. It appears that a few people have had some success.

egonzo21 | 27 gennaio 2020

I did it myself..........purchased some UV strips off amazon for 14 buck and rigged up my own apparatus with painters tape and cardboard.............. Tip, put a fan on it, they get hot! But it does work.............takes about 6-10 hours. and perhaps multiple applications depending on the severity. Good luck!

Bighorn | 27 gennaio 2020

Cool DIY