Does auto park suport backing into the garage?

Does auto park suport backing into the garage?

My garage door is on the left hand side, so I drive up, then reverse (turning wheel to the left) to back in (to reach charging port). About 3 inches clearance on each side.
Was wondering if auto park or future software is supposed to handle this type of parking?

JAD | 9 febbraio 2020

I use summons to back the car into the garage whenever the trunk is full of stuff, but if you only have 3" of space it may not like that much. How do you get out of the car?

M3phan | 9 febbraio 2020

Same here, I use Summon with settings to narrowest.

M3phan | 9 febbraio 2020

I back in partway, exit car then summon car back into garage. It gets very close to driver side hence exiting car first.

EVRider | 10 febbraio 2020

Autopark won’t park in a garage, and Summon can only do it for straightforward maneuvers at this point. Maybe that will change in the future.

henry.groover | 10 febbraio 2020

It would be a really nice feature. Right now summon seems to get very nervous about very tight clearances and even with a good 24" on either side I end up backing in rather than fight with summon. In tight spaces summon just gives up and I have to keep trying; it's not worth the aggravation. Ideally I could put up some QR code stickers on floor and/or walls and tell the M3 "make yourself at home." And no, this wouldn't be a security loophole because I (the driver) would have to initiate it...

EVRider | 10 febbraio 2020

@henry: You can reduce the clearance required for Summon if you haven't already, under the Customize Summon settings.

nick.varsha | 10 febbraio 2020

I have Subscribed to Tesla Plus App and paying $2.49/month. I do not believe that App is worth that much and has nothing I need that Tesla App does not have. I am looking to cancel this app but I cannot seem to find ways to cancel. Does anyone know how to can the Tesla Plus App?


M3phan | 10 febbraio 2020

@ henry.groover, yes, customize your summon to 8” at front/rear and narrow for sides. My car summons by the garage door frame with 1” clearance on drivers side. (I give my spouses car a *very* wide berth on the other side!)

EVRider | 10 febbraio 2020

@nick: Contact the developer of the app you’re trying to cancel. We can’t help you here.

joeldavis | 8 aprile 2020

This is one that I thought I knew the answer to ("No") until I came across this video from Dirty Tesla: (starts at 3:23)

It might not help with the back-in-and-turn scenario described in the original question, but if you can pull up to your garage facing forward or back up to it relatively straight, you can put the car in park then double-tap the right stock button (same button as putting it into park). Then, on the screen you select whether you want to pull forward or backward. Then get out of the car and it will pull into the garage (and close the door with HomeLink). (Requires FSD or EAP.)

EVRider | 8 aprile 2020

@joeldavis: Technically, that parking feature is part of Summon, not Auto Park. Auto Park is the feature that detects parallel and perpendicular parking spots and parks in those.

bddaughe | 8 aprile 2020

@joeldavis, yes I've used that feature before to back into my garage for me. And on the screen when you activate the feature, it does say "AUTOPARK' at the top of the screen. I would say this feature would meet the OPs requirement.