Issues with syncing Favorites in TuneIn

Issues with syncing Favorites in TuneIn

I have been using my TuneIn account successfully for a while. And I had access to my favorites as well. Then, one day, because I was bored I went on Tunein.Com and looked for more stations that I might be intested in and added them to my favorites. And then, because the function was available on, I created a new folder in my favorites to manage a subset of these new stations I had added. Lo and behold, my Tesla Model S will no longer show any favorites. I went back and moved all my stations back to the General folder. And I logged out and logged back in on the car. But the faavorites are not showing up.

Is this a known issue with Tesla's implementation of faviorite sync for TuneIn - if you create folders, you are SoL? Is there a fix here?


David_e_jones | 29 febbraio 2020

Favorites gone for me too.