Please fix this forum!!

Please fix this forum!!

I asked this before asking again. Not being able to search this forum makes it useless and leads to redundant posts

I’ve resorted to using third party forums such as Tesla Motors Club but it’s rife with trolls and commercials from companies selling Tesla stuff

Having a forum for Tesla owners only is a great start, now just please make it useable. Make it a real forum with all the features forums have had for 20 years. You’ve sold 1 million cars, what’s the hold up!!!?

NKYTA | 15 marzo 2020

We’ve only wished that for 8 years.

Try out ‘s Chrome Extension. Works great!

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 15 marzo 2020

“ You’ve sold 1 million cars, what’s the hold up!!!?”

Selling cars, likely. :P

derotam | 16 marzo 2020

"I asked this before asking again. Not being able to search this forum makes it useless and leads to redundant posts"


"I’ve resorted to using third party forums such as Tesla Motors Club but it’s rife with trolls"

You haven't been here very long have you? haha.

EVRider | 16 marzo 2020

You can search this forum, you just have to know how:

Mtnrunner | 16 marzo 2020

Installed chrome extension and still not seeing any search buttons in the forum. Also, it appears this solution will not work on mobile devices, just using Chrome on a PC which is not what I typically use for this. But to clarify; do I do searches from or can I do searches directly in I'm not seeing it.

Still tho, not sure I want to install an extension in my browser, and one that states it's tracking browsing history, and add-ons usually a bad idea, just to make this forum more usable. IMO I don't need to fix this with a band-aid, Tesla needs to fix this!

EVRider | 16 marzo 2020

@Mtnrunner: The Chrome extension only works on a regular computer. If installed correctly, you'll see a Search box with various search options at the top of the page that shows forum topics (not when reading a thread).

Tesla *should* fix this, but they don't *need* to, otherwise they would have a long time ago.

Ross1 | 17 marzo 2020

I like @TT, so will give it a go now...

Mtnrunner | 17 marzo 2020

Thanks @EVRider. Confirming; I should see search options while at with the TeslaTap Assistant Pro installed in Chrome? I did install the extension and can access it from the Chrome toolbar and see it's settings but no search bar.

It's configured correctly within Chrome's extension settings but no go. My browser is managed by my organization but other Chrome extensions function correctly, such as Adobe

Still, not everyone uses Chrome and not everyone uses a 'regular computer' to browse the internet hence it's my opinion that Tesla's forum is lacking and in a big way | 17 marzo 2020

@Mtnrunner - My fault. I had two copies of the extension loaded (as a developer) yesterday without realizing it and made a "fix" that ended up removing search! I've corrected and tested it and uploaded a new version 2.1.7. I'm awaiting Google approval. It should be operating properly by 11 am PST and should auto-update. Sorry about that! So in a few hours, I expect search will reappear for you.

Mtnrunner | 17 marzo 2020

Thanks TT, I'll check it out manana and will let you know. Much appreciate your efforts here to make this forum usable, on Chrome...

EVRider | 17 marzo 2020

@Mtnrunner: No will argue with you that the forum is lacking in a big way. Search is just one example. Another frequent contributor here has said that improvements are coming -- I don't know when or how he would know, but let's hope he's right.

I'm using Chrome on my Mac at the moment, and I see that the search bar is gone for me too, but as TT said it will be back. I usually browse the forum on my iPad, so the extension doesn't help there. The other search tips in TeslaTap's article work anywhere, however. | 17 marzo 2020

Yikes, the fixed version is not active yet (5 hours later). Usually, Google approves extensions in 15 minutes or so. I wonder if the staff is on lockdown and unable to process updates? Likely everyone knows, but those of us here in the Bay area are on lockdown for 3 weeks, and I assume that means all Google employees in Mountain View, other than those that can work from home.

Very sorry this is taking so long. If I could roll back to 2.1.5, that would fix it too, but that's not an option :( | 18 marzo 2020

Ok, the newest update is live. Those that have my Chrome extension get an auto-update for the fix. Here's the page if you need to load it:

jordanrichard | 18 marzo 2020

Unlike like other forums which are in a way a loss leader to pitch you ads, as you noted, these forums are bare bones. Believe it or not, there have been improvements over the years, just not the search function.

I do have it on very good authority that changes are coming, to include a search function. The timeframe is unfortunately, fluid, as it is not their main priority.

EVRider | 18 marzo 2020

@jordanrichard: The only real improvements I've seen since starting to use this forum about 5 years ago are measures to block spammers, which are welcome. All the changes I can recall were to remove features, for example, support for HTML tags, including rich text and embedded pictures, the key icon that identified private posts, etc.

Mtnrunner | 19 marzo 2020

Thanks TeslaTap, search is now working!!! Much appreciated

Hoping forum upgrades include search and other must have features like ability to edit post, email notifications, photo upload, post history and quote inserts. But at least I can now search this content and it's great content and all from Tesla owners, love that

EVRider | 19 marzo 2020

@Mtnrunner: You might know this already, but you can edit main topics that you create, but not replies. To edit a topic, select the Edit link when viewing your topic. That will also give you a Delete option, which will delete the entire thread.

FYI, not everyone who posts here is an owner. Starting last year, only owners can create new topics, but anyone can post replies. Before that change, anyone could create topics, but we were getting buried in spam so they had to fix that.

Mtnrunner | 19 marzo 2020

Thanks and would explain some of the replies I've seen. Trolls afraid of change chiming in with diarrhea. Might get worse now that they'e unemployed with more time on their fingertips | 20 marzo 2020

@Mtnrunner - On the flip side, perhaps the trolls are no longer being paid, so they will disappear. One can hope :)