1) Storm Watch and 2) Charging Wall Battery Off Grid

1) Storm Watch and 2) Charging Wall Battery Off Grid

1) As best I can tell from looking at the Tesla app, Storm Watch appears to only look for hurricanes and ice storms. If there is a band of thunderstorms coming through, it looks like it won't kick into gear. Correct?

2) Is there a way to trigger charging of the Wall Battery from the grid? In other words, if the battery is low and sunlight has been low, and a storm is incoming, is there a way I can tell the battery to charge from the grid?

Thanks for the help.

gregbrew | 22 marzo 2020

Nope. Unless you live in Great Britain or Australia.

U.S. electrical utilities don't want the competition, and have very effective lobbyists.

bp | 23 marzo 2020

Storm Watch should only be triggered when there is an event anticipated that could result in power outages.

In the US, if the federal tax credit is used to help pay for solar panels/PowerWalls, the PowerWalls cannot be charged from the grid (with the possible exception of Storm Watch). Plus, charging from the grid (except for Storm Watch) will change the PowerWall warranty.

rlwrw | 23 marzo 2020

OP I have had "Storm Watch" kick in when Tesla thinks there is bad weather coming and nothing happens, and I have had it not kick in when it's raining hard.
As I understand it, they are still on the learning curve of what constitutes the criteria for "Storm Watch".
Also, "Storm Watch" for one area may also include a much wider area, some of which is not affected.

gregbrew | 24 marzo 2020

It's also interesting that one of the criteria for Stormwatch" isn't planned, local outages, that can last a day or more.

bp | 25 marzo 2020

If planned local outages are anticipated, probably a good reason to change the configuration to backup with a 95-100% charge, and pre-charge the PowerWalls from the solar panels prior to the anticipated outages - just takes longer to do this than using Storm Watch with charging from the grid.