Searching the Forum - how to

Searching the Forum - how to

I don't see a link to search the

mcarrene | 30 marzo 2020

How do I search the forum?

Magic 8 Ball | 30 marzo 2020

Plug this into google to search this forum on how to block users, change search terms as required: blocking users

Fastidious | 30 marzo 2020

@mcarrene, there is no built-in search on these forums. As is, Tesla is using a really bad implementation/software for its forums. Still, search is possible, as Google indexes them. On your browser of choice type: whatever you want to find

For a lose search, or: "whatever you want to find"

For an exact match. Hope this helps.

bjrosen | 30 marzo 2020

I just add Model 3 forum to my Google search expression, that will bring up this forum, the other Model 3 forum, and some general results.

FISHEV | 30 marzo 2020

Best to just post your question vs. looking for older posts. Things change with each update.

EVRider | 30 marzo 2020

More search tips here:

I disagree with FISHEV's recommendation above. We have too many duplicate threads already. If you find a related thread but it's not relevant to your issue, then start a new one, but use the existing one if you can.

FISHEV | 30 marzo 2020

Yes and no. Then they'll get attacked for "reviving a necro thread" and their problem gets conflated with the original problem of the poster in the other thread.

On the other hand, if it is close and recent, it does help the OP to get confirmation of their problem and their might even be an answer.

EVRider | 30 marzo 2020

I agree that reviving an ancient thread is usually not the best option, but many duplicate threads are new. Some people don't bother looking, others (like the OP) don't know how.

Magic 8 Ball | 30 marzo 2020


No one gets attacked for reviving old threads when they are sincere. The overwhelming majority of necro thread are revived by spammers or insincere Tesla bashers like the EVIL FISHEV.