Battery loosing 14% in 3 days just parked?!?

Battery loosing 14% in 3 days just parked?!?

On March 27 i took my dual motor LR M3 to the an urban supercharger about 3 miles away. Charged to 87% while walking around. Then drove home the 3 miles and parked it. Not plugged in since there is no electricity at my parking spot. the last few days since has been foul weather i have been driving the Kia Niro EV instead. Got in the M3 this afternoon (March 30) to check something about tunein. but noticed battery down to 71%!!! Its as tho the heating system might have accidently turned on at some point? Or somethine else wierd. The weather is not that cold. This is Bay Area in NorCal. One of those nighte might have had a freeze warning and gotten down to about 40 degrees. But, i have had the car over a year and never noticed so much battery charge lose just parked! Is there something i am missing here? let me know your thoughts. thanx.

sixstring09 | 30 marzo 2020

Read other threads. Probably Sentry battery drain.

Magic 8 Ball | 30 marzo 2020

Sentry and more. Plug this into Google to find all the info.: battery drain

sheldon.mike1010 | 30 marzo 2020

Check that Sentry and Summon on standby are not on.

1agkirk2 | 30 marzo 2020

My M3 was parked for 45 days and lost about 25% of its range. No Sentry and no checking.

Wilber | 30 marzo 2020

Thanks for the ideas folks. but i have never used Sentry or Summon. Just now went to the car to check and both are turned off. So, the problem has to be something else! OK , I will try searching for prior threads.

Magic 8 Ball | 31 marzo 2020

One other suspect I can think of is that a door was not fully closed.

Electrifying | 31 marzo 2020

Just do not awaken the vehicle using the app between now and then. I parked my car for testing purpose on 85% with dash cam USB off, sentry office and mobile app off (no checking) for two days and it did not drop a 1% even!

PhillyBob | 31 marzo 2020

I barely lose 1% every few days .....@Wilber - I suggest you do a hard boot too. It is possible your car is not shutting down completely. Also, make sure that cabin overheating is turned off too. If you are somewhere hot, this might be causing it too.

ODWms | 31 marzo 2020

I’m in the camp of folks whose batteries barely lose a single percentage point in a few days.

roger.klurfeld | 31 marzo 2020

I've been losing a lot overnight ever since loading firmware 2020.12, including 2020.12.1. This type of loss has happened in the past, and I assume Tesla will fix this bug in a future firmware update.

Magic 8 Ball | 31 marzo 2020

@roger Have you checked all your settings? Sometimes they change when an update is installed.

Orthopod | 31 marzo 2020

Probably temperature relates
Have you seen the snow flake icon?

Wilber | 31 marzo 2020

Thanks for the ideas everyone. Just checked the doors - all closed. battery down to 67% this morning!!! I dont use the app much at all. just to preheat on days i am taking the car out - like right now. I havent noticed a snowflake, but certainly getting the reduced regen message every time i have taken it out the last 10 days. I have done a hard reboot in the last week to try to fix a usb music problem. suppose i could try that again. Gee, i dont think i have that 12 version firmware. Still on 4. Well, i have been reading about the 'cold soak effect' on other threads, so maybe as i drive the car the battery percent will increase? I'll find out this morning. And Fish - you ask a good question. Why would i prefer to drive the Nio sometimes. Yes, it does drive like a dumptruck and has terrible traction. but it is my pickup truck. i can load all kinds of junk in the back and not worry about getting tings dirty. and the outside color is 'Mud', so it looks the same whether dirty or clean. Just a nondesecript compact SUV. Not like my beautiful Blue M3 with sport wheels that looks terrible when dirty!

Wilber | 31 marzo 2020

Fish - Not sure i follow you. Of course, i know preheating uses a lot of juice. But over the period the car sat for 3 days and lost 14% i didnt use it at all.

Magic 8 Ball | 31 marzo 2020


He will use any topic here to spin an anti-Tesla narrative.

stingray.don | 31 marzo 2020

Some have reported excessive battery drain due to not having a strong WiFi/LTE connection. The car is trying unsuccessfully to upload/download data and that is preventing the car from going to sleep.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 31 marzo 2020

“ Battery loosing 14% in 3 days just parked?!?”

Was there an earthquake? I imagine the only thing which would loosen your battery is vibration :D

lbowroom | 31 marzo 2020

Amazing how may people somehow combine losing with loosening to get loosing. I mean, we all get the meaning....

Joshan | 31 marzo 2020

it is kind of like how everyone uses breaks to stop their car.

Wilber | 31 marzo 2020

Joshan - Give me a brake!
But seriously, Stingray. you may be onto something. Since i moved to this apartment when i sold my house 8 months ago the Wifi in my apt does not reach my car. and that special window about that frequently shows up on the screen when i get into the car. But, that has been happening for 8 months, and this battery drain problem just started a week ago...... On the other hand, maybe that Wifi problem screen is happening more often these days. Maybe i will see if i can turn it off somehow......

FISHEV | 31 marzo 2020

You can track your phantom loss via StatsApp. See when it is occurring and how much.

calvin940 | 31 marzo 2020

The phrase Phantom loss is a purposefully misleading statement meant to convey that losses are a result of unknown or reasons that cannot be explained. This is false. The losses can all be explained.

- Sentry mode
- Summon standby
- cooling/heating
- others that have been listed in many threads (search provided in posts waay above).

FISHEV | 31 marzo 2020

T@calvin940 "The phrase Phantom loss is a purposefully misleading statement meant to convey that losses are a result of unknown or reasons that cannot be explained."

It's called phantom loss because Tesla will not tell driver where the energy is being used. Other EV's show you where the energy is being used. Here's Kona EV and Ford Mach-E showing energy usage breakout.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 31 marzo 2020

There it is again. Energy going to "Outside Temp." (distinct from energy going to "Climate Use"). Who wants a car that warms the surrounding environment? To each his own, I guess.

calvin940 | 31 marzo 2020

Just because someone doesn't tell you how or why doesn't make it phantom. Makes it something you don't know. You have validated my point.

Joshan | 31 marzo 2020

He tries so hard and yet Tesla just keeps growing like a weed. It must be so frustrating that the hundreds of hours he spends has a net zero effect.

calvin940 | 31 marzo 2020

Well "zero effect" in his/their intended agenda/direction but lots of irritation effect for us. I'd much rather have a decent community not having to fight this crap all the time

Joshan | 31 marzo 2020

You and me both Calvin!

teslamazing | 31 marzo 2020

Fish takes every thread and somehow manages to derail it to jerking off to a non existent mach e and Kona.

Quarantine and foruming is on full force.

Joshan | 31 marzo 2020

so does M8B...

Magic 8 Ball | 31 marzo 2020

And the whining about it is useful, how exactly?

lbowroom | 31 marzo 2020

We don't know the level of effect fish and his crew have on annual sales and public perception of Tesla. Since he is continuing full force implies that someone thinks he is doing a good job.

Magic 8 Ball | 31 marzo 2020

Tesla controls the forum, the net effect is theirs to manage.

WW_spb | 31 marzo 2020

Average buyer wouldn't bother with forum and probably have no knowledge of its existence.
Fish is moronic idiot that has no life and spends his free time on multiple forums. Pretty sad if you ask me.

Magic 8 Ball | 31 marzo 2020

We all live in that glass house some of us spend more time in the house than others.

Still a mystery and a puzzle as to why the house exists and why it has not been remodeled or torn down.

h2ev | 1 aprile 2020

It definitely can be related to weak wifi. I don't have this phantom drain issue for the most part. My car's wifi is disabled at all times (by deleting my wifi profile, otherwise it turns itself back on the next day.) Without wifi the car goes to sleep much faster. I've seen the car not sleeping for hours when wifi is connected, presumably it's talking to Tesla mothership. I do this so that my dash cam (my own 3rd party dash cam, not the built in Tesla dash cam) will not record blanks for random and extended periods when the car is awake. My dash cam is hardwired into the 12v outlet under the arm rest, and the car only cuts power to the 12v outlet when it goes to sleep.

I only add my wifi back when I get notification of new update, and I usually wait at least 2 weeks before letting it update.

FISHEV | 1 aprile 2020

h2ev | April 1, 2020 It definitely can be related to weak wifi. I don't have this phantom drain issue for the most part"

I don't have much phantom drain either, the basic 1% a day when parked.

I wonder if the Wifi drain is more for people who typically hook up to their home Wifi. So it keeps seeing it and connecting. My car is parked on a lot on the street and there's no home Wifi. I use my iPhone as the Wifi hotspot for updates.

Sounds like @Wilbur's situation is like mine, no home Wifi to keep trying to connect and likely not much phantom drain from Wifi connecting.

Wilber | 1 aprile 2020

h2ev - thanks for the good idea. Ho do you 'delete your wifi profile'. I didnt know i had a profile for that. I just now found a thread that explains how to delete a particular wifi from the car. at tmc. Guess i will try that. I should mention that in addition to my wifi the car also shows about 10 other wifis from closer apts. guess i will try to delete those too!

lbowroom | 1 aprile 2020

You don’t delete the WiFi signal, but you can certainly forget signals you’ve connected to in the past. You can also turn WIFI off.

Wilber | 1 aprile 2020

OK - I just now went to the car. Didnt see an option to turn wifi off, but found that box at the bottom of the list that lists a bunch of wifis. Clicking the box only displyed my wifi and i told it to forget. So, we'll see if that helps the battery. looks like battery lost 3-4% last nite just sitting.

andy.connor.e | 1 aprile 2020

What temp is it outside while its sitting?

Wilber | 1 aprile 2020

Andy, has been getting down to about 40 or 43 at night and getting up to around 62 in afternoons. some days a litte warmer than that. Yes, i know temps make a difference for battery charge status and vampire drain, but since i have had weather like that in the past with nowhere near as much battery loss per night, i think there are other factors also at play. One is the fact that when i get the car out it is only for very short drives to the grocery or a charging station. So, battery never gets fully warmed up. But since i have been getting lots of messages on the touchscreen about not being able to connect to my wifi, i think the car is awake too much trying to connect to my wifi.,

Joshan | 1 aprile 2020

on both 8.1 and now 12.1 I have noticed myself losing more piles overnight than previous. I have checked all my settings and everything looks normal.

I see about 4 miles a day lost sitting in my garage (while plugged in). Not worried, I am sure an update will resolve very soon.

h2ev | 1 aprile 2020

@Wilber But since i have been getting lots of messages on the touchscreen about not being able to connect to my wifi, i think the car is awake too much trying to connect to my wifi.,

It probably is a good chance this is your issue. Delete all wifi profile that your car has remembered. You'll notice the car will go to sleep much more quickly without it being connected to any wifi. The car will nag you to add a wifi once or twice. Just ignore it until you know there's an update to the car.

Wilber | 1 aprile 2020

Joshan - very interesting that you are losing 4 miles per day when plugged in! on both those releases! My release is 2020.4.1.

h2ev. - I hope that tomorrow i will noticed a reduced amount of overnight drain. will report back. and the car has been nagging me about a new update to download, but i am going to hold off on that for at least a week.

fazman | 1 aprile 2020

I have a low mileage P3D+ that I have had for over a year. I never plug it in at home and only charge it at a supercharger using the FUSC plan I have. I am also in NorCal for the past year and the first year I was in SoCal.

The car sits in my garage for most of the first year since I only racked up 2000 miles on the car. It would only lose about 1-2 miles per day just sitting.

Even when I don’t use the car for a few days now, the car loses about 1 to 2 miles estimated range per day in my garage.

I have sentry off at home and i have to manually enable it to use it when parked outside (my way to limit battery drain), never used/never enabled summon. I have noticed that the car interior temp is usually 60° and greater so i think the hvac system runs less to maintain the traction battery temp while sitting. This is a guess by me, I think the OPs issue is the car needs to maintain the battery temp and that running of the system is draining some range.

Wilber | 2 aprile 2020

This morning when i opened the app the car had lost about 0%. Or course there is some rounding in the software, so it might be more like 0.5%, but still a huge improvement. So, deleting my Wifi on the touchsreen fixed it! Thanks all, espec Stingray.don, for you help!

stingray.don | 2 aprile 2020

Good to hear it is resolved

fazman | 2 aprile 2020

@Wilber So if you setup WiFi again... does it pick back up with the draining (Possible test case before you install a newer firmware)?

Wilber | 2 aprile 2020

Fazman - Well, if i didnt have a long todo list of other stuff, i might try what you suggest. But, i have done enough experiementing for now. If you want to experiement you could either move your wifi to a place where the car gets a real weak signal or park your car further away from your residence. So, you can replicate the problem i had. And then proceed with further experiments... Good luck!