Winter wheels in store now (19")

Winter wheels in store now (19")

Winter wheels and tires just showed up in the model X store. $4500, and they are 19" (to my surprise) and wider than the model S winter wheels. Tires are 265/50r19 instead of 245/45r19.

Just sent this to my delivery specialist. Maybe some other experts here can chime in. I'm wondering if I can use my existing second set of 19" winter wheels for my model S, even though they are slightly narrower than what they are selling for the X:


I just noticed model X winter tires show up in the online store:

I was surprised to see that they are 19" wheels rather than 20". The tires are 265/50r19. My model S winter wheels are also 19" but 245/45r19 (8.0 instead of 8.5), so narrower.

So I have a question: Will I be able use my existing model S wheels and just put 245/55r19 rubber on them for the X? Those would be a little narrower than the X winter wheels (20mm), but pretty close to the same diameter. If the lug nuts are the same so I can mount the wheels, I think that would work?

Blizzaks are available in that size:

The load rating is 1,929 lbs, which seems good enough.

The way I read the numbers, 265 * 0.50 gives a sidewall height of 132.5mm for the 265/50. A 245/55 would have a sidewall height of 134.75mm, so the tires would be only 4.5mm larger in diameter. There is also at least one 245/50r19 option if that is too large for clearance.

My existing winter rubber is about worn out, so if that'll work, I'll just get 245/55r19 or 245/50r19 tires mounted now so I can swap them on if it's still snowing in Tahoe when I take delivery.


dbh | 18 febbraio 2016

BTW, the model S winter wheels were only $2500...

Darryl | 19 febbraio 2016

From what I see the diameter of the tire is the same whether you order 19, 20 or 22. With 22 you have a lower profile tire and with 19 you have a lot more rubber. You have a lot less chance of damaging a 19 tire because of pot holes. With the 19 you usually have more/wider tread but winter tires are usually noisier than an all season or summer tires.
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dbh | 20 febbraio 2016

Yeah, for 19, 20, a 21" rims with the same width (8 or 8.5) I think the diameter ends up close to the same, if not exact. I'm wondering if some rubber size will make the 19x8.0 wheels of the model S will work on the X for winter, as the X winter wheels are 19x8.5 and have a larger total diameter than the S winter wheels (more sidewall at 265/50 than 245/45). 245/55-r19 should be pretty close.

Brian Vicars | 12 marzo 2016

20" Helix wheels added to the Tesla X store.

Triggerplz | 12 marzo 2016

I ordered the 20 inch Helix wheels saw them on a X at the city tour last week the next day I called and paid the $500 change fee to not have those ugly cheap looking wheels and upgrade to the 22 inch Turbine wheels. 20 inch Helix wheels are a hot mess

Brian Vicars | 14 marzo 2016

I just ordered the 20" Helix winter wheel package from the store.