"Your Model X update" for 75D (70D) Order

"Your Model X update" for 75D (70D) Order

Just received an email update from so exciting!!

Thinking about upgrading to the 90D JUST to get it sooner. Oh wait, nevermind, no cash.

BUT silver lining, because the email mentions that mine is "on track for mid-2016 delivery" (= JULY 2016?), does this mean that mean that ALL non-70D orders will be DELIVERED before JULY 2016?? That would be a good win for Tesla.


On behalf of Tesla, I want to thank you for your patience as we build your Model X 70D.

We've taken a little extra time to ensure your Model X meets the highest standards of quality. For the last couple of months, we held back our production rate to check and recheck every part of Model X from each of the ground-breaking features to road performance. We've had members of our management team, including Elon, test drive Model X as it came off the line so that we can confidently say that you're going to love your Model X.

As you've read in recent reviews, it's paid off. We can't wait for you to get behind the wheel of your Model X to experience the beauty, comfort, performance and truly one-of-a-kind drive experience.

Your Model X is on track for a mid-2016 delivery. To complete your delivery process, please log into your account to finalize your delivery details.

Right now we're producing Model X 90D with 6-seat and 7-seat configurations. If you would like to change your Model X to one of these configurations, you could take delivery in April/May. Please email if you're interested.

All my best,

Jon McNeill
President, Global Sales and Service

TonyInNH | 11 marzo 2016

Got one, too, in addition to the 70D mine is also a 5 seater.

IZSMM | 11 marzo 2016

Me too! I got the 5-seat 70D with pretty much everything else.

Darryl | 11 marzo 2016

As info there was a record in ModelXTracker for 70D which had a VIN and was in the production queue. I contacted the owner of the record and they informed me they had made a mistake it was a Model X 90D. The record has been corrected.


Gayatrikr | 12 marzo 2016

@darryl why does the front page of modelx tracker seem outdated without me logging in
I c sep 2015 oct last updated

Gayatrikr | 12 marzo 2016

Iam a 70d 5 seater no other options other than just ap reserved may 2015 confirmed jan 2016 no vin
Been peering into deliv ready X in nj springfield even yesterday 3/11 cant even touch them

IZSMM | 12 marzo 2016

Maybe its owner has scheduling/financing issues, if it is indeed delivery ready. Who knows right?
I feel the same way here, peering into these forums, reading about the non-70Ds.

Reserved Oct 2015, Confirmed Jan 2016, and of course No VIN.

I did however get a call from Tesla (exciting!) but rep just wanted to know if I wanted to upgrade to 90/6/7 seats... SIGH.

Gayatrikr | 12 marzo 2016

I got it too

Gayatrikr | 12 marzo 2016

The email i mean
Not upgrading
Will wait for the new hardware refresh in a couple of yrs

IZSMM | 12 marzo 2016

Exactly my thought. Barring another company doing the same things as Tesla or better, I'll likely sell/trade in my 70D and pony up the difference to upgrade to a 100D. 5 year plan!

scotteeboy71 | 12 marzo 2016

I received the same communication. I ordered the 70D with 7 seats.

nicktillger06 | 13 marzo 2016

Anybody upgrade to 90D? Got the call to upgrade and after discussion with spouse we decided to go ahead with the upgrade from 70D to 90D. We got 6 seat configuration with autopilot and leather.

aesculus | 13 marzo 2016

@nicktillger06: Congratulations. Unless you were only planning on using the car for commuting, which is doubtful for a Model X, I am sure you will appreciate the extra range.

redlogs | 13 marzo 2016

got the email , does this mean the production has improved exponentially, or many of the 23,000 reservations ahead of me have either postponed or cancelled? July is only 14 weeks away

aesculus | 13 marzo 2016

@redlogs: Perhaps some or all of the above. Nobody really knows. You can get a bit more insight from the thread on Model X Tracker.

Waldek | 13 marzo 2016

@nicktillger06 so what made you to change? a promise of receiving the car earlier?

IZSMM | 13 marzo 2016

@nicktillger06 I would have done the same, but there was that darn "I don't have enough cash" issue. Congrats though! I (((believe))) you will have your X by May.

@redlogs @aesculus All of the above yes please! Wishful thinking? ...though it seems a ton more people have been getting VINs, and those are only the ones we know about...

gd1900 | 19 aprile 2016

Has anyone received a VIN number and/or any communications, other than mid to late 2016 delivery for 70D or 75D?

IZSMM | 19 aprile 2016

Only two that I've heard of - but I believe both 'downgraded' to a 75 from 90s. More info here...

gd1900 | 26 maggio 2016

Yesterday i got my 75D VIN number with an expected date of production in June.

Gayatrikr | 26 maggio 2016

Gd what is your config ?

gd1900 | 27 maggio 2016

Fully loaded with ALL available options. White exterior and White interior. $102K

gd1900 | 27 maggio 2016

Fully loaded with ALL available options. White exterior and White interior. $102K. My VIN 8651. The expected date of JUNE production was given to me by local DS in an email notification on 5/25.

gd1900 | 16 giugno 2016

Yesterday (6/15) my DS called me to let me know that tesla has put a production hold on ALL models ‘X’ 75D as it is re-engineering the vehicle. Although he confirmed that higher-end model ‘X’ P90Ds are being produced and delivered currently, but refused to provide any future delivery date for my 75D. This is unprofessional as tesla confirmed the production date while providing VIN in May-2016 and now abruptly stopping 75D production. DS did try to change my mind for upgrading to higher priced model. I wonder what the motive is.

siliconhammer | 16 giugno 2016

@gd1900 did your DS share any additional information? Is it an issue with range per charge? I have seen some feedback on these forums from the 90 KWh owners noting less range than expected. I have to assume this would be a more serious problem with the smaller battery configuration.

IZSMM | 16 giugno 2016

That's (slightly) odd as at least one 75D has been produced and delivered...? As per TMC. So many questions...

gd1900 | 16 giugno 2016

My DS did not share any information other than saying "it is being re-engineered". However, when i asked him about production hold on ALL model 'X'; he stated "only on 75D".

IZSMM - are you 100% sure about 75D delivery in US? DS gave me an impression that there has not been any delivery made on 75D.

wang5150 | 16 giugno 2016

Odd, TMC site reported 75D being delivered to the Van Nuys SC.

Redmiata98 | 16 giugno 2016

Silicon, I have the P90 and get at least the rated mileage on the highway. Around town it is significantly less but not an issue as I have a HPWC and leave at 90% each morning.

gd1900 | 17 giugno 2016

My DS called last night to reiterate that a) there aren't any 75D on the road or has been delivered by tesla, b) there is NO update at this time as to when 75D production will begin.

jason1466 | 17 giugno 2016

So the pictures of more than one 75D we see over on TMC are all fake? I would venture to bet your DS is wrong, but maybe its remotely possible.

pvetesla | 17 giugno 2016

Are you sure it was your DS? I'm thinking of calling a friend of mine and doing the same thing to freak him out. I think that's what it was.
No other reports plus.... there are already a few 75D's out in the wild.

wang5150 | 17 giugno 2016

@pvetesla, I believe that no Model X 75Ds have officially been delivered yet. However, there are reports that they are arriving at service centers and some folks are being called to expect delivery before end of June.

Maybe you're thinking of Model S 75Ds out in the wild.

jason1466 | 17 giugno 2016

@wang5150, I've seen good pictures of 2 75D's this week in TMC, there could well be more as I've seen folks talking about deliveries that happened and/or will happen soon as you point out. Another possibility for the DS is he/she is confused between 75D 6/7 seater with SAS vs. 75D without SAS (said to be delayed) or 75D 5 seater (for sure delayed).

IZSMM | 17 giugno 2016

Either the DS is confused (where is this DS based? first name?) or there are several Tesla customers confused about their own vehicles...

IZSMM | 17 giugno 2016

@pvetesla LOL :)

gd1900 | 17 giugno 2016

My DS used word “Guarantee” when he left me a voicemail last night. Although the message was long, I am only copying the portion that is relevant to this topic. “I can guarantee that there is NO 75D model Xs (uh) anywhere running around, so as soon as they are available and as soon as they start being produced or before then, we will have production information and I will get you that information as soon as it is available so that we can get your car as soon as quickly as possible”. NOTE – the frequency of “as soon as” in the entire message.

gd1900 | 17 giugno 2016

Oh btw, my DS did mention that, model 'X' 75D 5-seater will be delayed lot longer. I did not pay much attention as I have configured 7-seater.

siliconhammer | 17 giugno 2016

@gd1900 When did you reserve and confirm your order? Maybe you are just way back in the queue? I confirmed my 75D on April 13, right before orders opened up online, and last week I was given a build week of August 8 by my DS. I reached out to him to comment on this, but he hasn't. I usually have to ping him 2-3 times to get a response.

There seems to be a fair amount of evidence indicating MX 75D orders in transit or at SCs awaiting delivery. If you are way back in the queue this could be a tactic to get you to upgrade and speed delivery. They have done a fair amount of this. A big wave of folks with pending orders were bumped up recently when they agreed to upgrade to SAS. Maybe they are just seeing how many people they can motivate to upgrade to 90KWh batteries. An extra $13K revenue for a tiny bit more juice is a lot of profit for TMC, almost pure profit.

That said, it's not cool to keep deferring the lower profit builds and sliding the more valuable ones ahead, even if it is in the name of operational efficiency. Last week I was with my wife at the Mongolian noodle buffet. There was a large group ahead of us. They had people arriving late who were cutting the line to join them. Their explanation was, we're sitting together, it's okay. Eventually, those of us behind them said, no, not okay, every latecomer you are adding to the line increases our wait time, go to the back. They complied because they knew it was right. Simple logic, really.

gd1900 | 17 giugno 2016

@siliconhammer- You are correct about Tesla’s motive. I think tesla is trying to make its 2nd quarter results look good. So more P90D upgrades or new buys, more revenue to tesla’s bottom line. The difference is not mere $13K as you put it. By the time you add few extras, it is north of $25K straight to their bottom line. I put my deposit in March-2013 and configured order on 12-1-2015. I think my order is way ahead of all you guys when I compare last 4 digits of published VIN on this forum.

wallstguy | 17 giugno 2016

I just got a call from my DS and can confirm the 75D's are in fact being delayed.

He says my order was updated as of 12pm today and the production date was pushed back from June 27th to August 1st.

tomgibson9 | 17 giugno 2016

My DS has emailed or called me with the following information regarding my 75D. On June 7, my car entered production. On June 15, my car had cleared QA. On 6/16, he called to tell me my X is in transit to Denver. He scheduled a delivery appointment for 6/24 at 9:00. I reserved in November 2012, confirmed order on 12/4/15, upgraded to SAS on 5/7, was assigned VIN 8,66x.

gd1900 | 17 giugno 2016

Both my order and VIN are ahead of @tomgibson9. I wonder how come tomgibson9 hasn't heard from Tesla about this hold.

IZSMM | 17 giugno 2016

I hope (for all our sakes)... that @tomgibson9 gets his MX on 6/24 at 9 :)

siliconhammer | 17 giugno 2016

@gd1900 I think you nailed it, I forgot about quarter end, they may have pushed the MX 75D June builds back to July/August to clear capacity for higher dollar 90KWh orders because of how much additional profit per unit they contribute. It may just be a "re-engineering" of Q2 profits we're talking about here, not a "re-engineering" of design per se. If that's the case, they better give you something good, like a perfect car when you finally get yours. I confirmed in April, my wait has not been long, and I can continue to wait. My issues fall more in the realm of ethics. We are a unique breed of customer, but we're not getting the treatment we deserve. Manipulation and misinformation will not build goodwill. The folks with refundable deposits in the M3 queue will hear our story and capital could evaporate. It's time for the brass to beef up this so called Deliver Experience. It's been somewhat miserable so far.

tomgibson9 | 17 giugno 2016

I think what you mention is part of the story. My sense is they produced those 75Ds that they could deliver this quarter. Then early next quarter they will focus on higher dollar units as you mention. I think they will also produce international units early in quarter so they can be delivered in Q3 even taking into account longer delivery times. They did this somewhat this quarter so it would be consistent with their business strategy.

siliconhammer | 17 giugno 2016

@tomgibson9 you make a great point, it is not just about making Q2, they need to front-load Q3 as well. So many deferred customer classes, it must be hard for them to catch up and keep up with new demand. It doesn't seem likely that they can game Q2 and Q3 numbers, then successfully clear up the 75D backlog AND International backlog AND 5 seater backlog AND handle any new orders AND keep putting P90DL orders to the front by the end of September. But if they had to "re-engineer the 75D" and "wait for NHSTA safety approval for the 5 seater" they can defer their low profit orders ad infinitum. Of course, anybody in those buckets is more than welcome, for a $500 change fee and the difference in price, to upgrade to a model 90 with 6 or 7 seats and play the big profit game.

Leeeb31 | 18 giugno 2016

@gd1900 where are you located?

gd1900 | 18 giugno 2016

North Texas.

wallstguy | 18 giugno 2016

^Doubt its region specific then considering I'm in Toronto, Canada.

IZSMM | 19 giugno 2016

Alas - a most unfortunate combination... the hidden code for my 5 seater coil MX75D:

First Available
Late September