20" v 22"

20" v 22"

Hey Guys I just wanted to get a visual of the Model x on 20" and 22" wheels. I was contemplating getting an upgrade. Do the 20"s look small? A few posts of those who have received their Xs already would be helpful. Thanks!

Bw476 | 24 marzo 2016

Got the 20 because I will be towing. The car looks great, haven't seen one with 22.

elguapo | 24 marzo 2016

@Odelle8 Just to clarify, as this was a big topic in another thread, the circumference of the tires is the same - it's the size of the rim that differs from 20" to 22". So you should be able to see samples in the configuration, if you have access. I will post my 20" tomorrow. Thanks.

carlk | 24 marzo 2016

I thought 20" look small in pictures. I saw a few in person last week. Surprisingly they don't actually look bad. Better than 19" on the S imo. I ordered 22" onyx though. I always go for the bigger ones for many reasons.

Triggerplz | 24 marzo 2016

I ordered the 20 inch helix wheels and saw them on a MX on the review tour a few weeks ago the next day I called paid $500 to get the 22 inch wheels.. It was well worth the $500 cancellation fee and the cost from $2500 to $4500 as the 20 inch helix looked mess

Brian Vicars | 25 marzo 2016

I just ordered the 20" helix winter package since the rim sizes match the 20" silver rims on my SigX "coming soon...".
I like the idea that the wheel lug nuts are covered. Since the winter and summer sets of tires will be the same, it will make it possible to use the winter tires in the summer after the winter rubber treads have been worn off.

davediep | 25 marzo 2016

Here is the picture of my Model X Sig with 22" rim at delivery. Hope this helps.

Steve | 25 marzo 2016

Had misgivings when I ordered the 22". Saw both side by side when I picked up my X - and now I'm thrilled with my choice. The 20" certainly don't look bad but it sure looks awesome with the 22".

Brian Vicars | 25 marzo 2016

I think I should clarify my recent post. On my Dunlop winter tires for my present vehicle, there are 2 sets of depth indicators on the tread. One band shows up when the winter section of the tread is exhausted. The other band is the standard "replace the tire now" section. Once the winter section is worn down, I will begin using the remainder of the tread for the summer. Anyone know if their winter tires have similar double indicators? or is it just Dunlop tires.

msmamcgrath | 25 marzo 2016

My SC told me "dont order the 22' you will only get 8K to 10K miles per set. They wear out much faster. With 20" they will go 30K miles plus". But they also told me not to order black rims and referred me to someone who will powder coat them for $600 a set.

3 to 1 change out thanks. If they are correct the cost of 22" is MUCH higher. I have been told the same thing holds true for most cars (as well).

nelsonc | 26 marzo 2016

20's look like baby's but not as bad the 19's on an S. Get the 22's or get both use one for winter and one for summer. The 22' drive like a sports car. Great handling.

eric.zucker | 26 marzo 2016

Towing load is reduced with 22"s. I'm getting 20"s.

Yes the 22"s look awesome, but that doesn't justify for me the recurring expense of changing expensive tires often.

I'm getting an EV is to reduce oil usage, why burn more rubber than needed?

nelsonc | 26 marzo 2016

Burn more rubber because you are safer by at least a factor of two.

carlk | 26 marzo 2016

It's not the tire size but tire material that makes shorter tire life. Soft rubber used in the those high performance summer tires responsible for better road grip also wear faster. Shorter side wall gives you faster steering response too. Although it's an SUV but you will see the difference when you make that sharp turn. It's performance/look vs comfort/cost it all depend on what your priorities are. When one is buying a $150K insane or ludicrous car I would think ~$1000 tire replacement cost (only rear tires wear that fast) every year is not that big a deal.

jordanrichard | 26 marzo 2016

Shorter side wall also makes it much more susceptible to damage, especially if you live in an area wrought with pot holes.

carlk | 26 marzo 2016

Yes that is a concern but I would just put it in the cost category if that ever happen.

aesculus | 26 marzo 2016

Never thought I would see the day when someone stated 20" wheels looked like baby wheels.

Personally I think the 20's look real good in person and the perfect size. And I also think the handling is very good too.

But I am also the person that thinks there is more than enough power in the non performance cars so carry on. :-)

Brian Vicars | 26 marzo 2016

@Darryl. Thanks & since these will be for my winter driving, please post some pictures with 2" of snow so that I can the seasonal feel.

Brian Vicars | 26 marzo 2016