Comments about my Model 3 line experience...

Comments about my Model 3 line experience...

With 4+ hours in line (7-11:15 am) my new circle of friends and I had many conversations and laughs. Most were fairly clueless about the Model S which I found surprising but I still appreciated their enthusiasm. The five closest to me had never seen the fob (which elicited many laughs), one wanted to know where the start button was in the car, a very nice couple bought stock because their son brought it to their attention but knew little about the car. The whole experience was quite entertaining and helped pass the time. By the way, the exceedingly nice couple planned to reserve one car but by the time we reached the Tesla front door dad decided to reserve two with the other reservation for his son, as a surprise. Very cool!

I wonder how many additional reservations were made because of the line discussions?

Mathew98 | 31 marzo 2016

Very nice @Red!

DId you reserve the M3 for your wife or one of the kids?

JohnJSS | 31 marzo 2016

My brother in law was in line reserving one for his brother and by the time he got to the front, he ended up reserving one for himself as well!

Bluesday Afternoon | 31 marzo 2016


Thank you. If truth be told I wasn't going to reserve one. I was leaning toward a bigger battery Model S but got sucked up into the Model 3 hysteria. A close friend showed interest in reserving so we recently began discussing the mass market Tesla. So, I felt a duty to nudge him along the Elon path.

I'll return for more comments, but I have to go check MyTesla for my RN!! 8-)

Red Sage ca us | 6 aprile 2016

Thank you so very much for relating your experience and observations!

carlk | 6 aprile 2016

A friend of mine who's a Model S owner told us a few weeks ago that he was still trying to convince wife to order a M3. His wife has never driven his S and does not seem to be interested to drive one. Last weekend when we met them he said he has reserved two. One for wife and one for daughter. Four peopl in our office who are not current Tesla owners also reserved the 3.