Tesla model 3... in Northern BC?

Tesla model 3... in Northern BC?

I am thinking of putting a down payment on a Model 3.
The problem I am facing is that our infrastructure for electric vehicles here in Northern BC isn't built up much (yet). Currently I live in Prince George, BC and the closest Supercharger is in Kamloops, BC (about 340 miles away).
Currently, the website lists 3 J1772 stations I can use in my city.
We also have a "Tesla HPWC" station at a local hotel which states it is for patrons only (but I may be able to strike a deal who knows).

Further south, there numerous J1772 stations along the way I can use if I plan to travel to Kamloops. From Kamloops, I should be able to travel all over North America.

So my questions:
1) How long does it take to charge from a J1772 plug?
2) Should I wait until the infrastructure is more available for elecric vehicles, or should this be ok?
3) Are Superchargers REALLY free to use? For REAL? lol

Thanks much!