New MyTesla Account AFTER Reserving Model 3?

New MyTesla Account AFTER Reserving Model 3?

I reserved my Model 3 last night and I see the bank charge, but like others I still haven't gotten an email yet. I saw people comment about checking the "MyTesla" page on the website so I went and created an account on the website with my same name and email address, but the "MyTesla" page just keeps redirecting back to the home page.

Does anyone know if there's any problem with creating a "MyTesla" account after reserving without an account? Hopping I'll get an email with instructions sometime today or tomorrow.

qiumann | 1 aprile 2016

Same issue here. No confirmation emails yet and "MyTesla" method didn't work either

ian | 1 aprile 2016

Exactly the same here

Mehrdad | 1 aprile 2016

Same here. Tesla should have expected this onslaught of pre-orders, but I'm not worried. They will address this eventually, and it''ll be more than a year before I see my new Tesla 3 anyway.

TesMD | 1 aprile 2016

MyTesla was down earlier so even current owners could not log in. I have not got confirmation email but my order did show up on myTesla page. I would not worry about it. Hopefully once website is fixed, you will see your order.

autoxer7 | 1 aprile 2016

I put a deposit down in person at approx 10:35 am PT Thursday morning... then later that evening prior to the unveiling I created a myTesla account using the same email as my deposit. When I went to bed last night my RN# wasn't associated with my account but it was there at 6:45 am this morning, yet I still haven't received an email confirmation.

akgolf | 1 aprile 2016

Mine was just updated with an RN number, but no email yet.

DougR | 1 aprile 2016

RN number showed up in MyTesla late afternoon on April 1. Now shows "My CARS" listing the Model S and the Model 3. All that shows up under Model 3 is just the RN number.

Now to decode roughly where I am in line (if the number helps). :)

alan | 1 aprile 2016

I received the confirmation email at 2:14am PDT this morning but myTesla account doesn't show a reservation number.

javajunkie586 | 1 aprile 2016

We reserved ours around 12am central time, no email and no change to "my tesla" as of 5:45pm central time.

jeffreygullett | 1 aprile 2016

Page still not loading for me. And no email. But I do see a pending charge on my card.

Dhruv | 1 aprile 2016

I booked in-person at the Santa Monica store yesterday at 12:55PM PST. I just got my confirmation email. I was also able to just reset the password on My Tesla since it said the email was already registered when I tried to create an account. I have a very long arbitrary RN# and don't have any idea where I am in the queue.

allen.scales | 1 aprile 2016

Same issue here. I've not received an email after 4 hours. My "My Tesla" page redirects to the main page. I'm sure we all want to make sure that we are locked in for the tax credit.

jonlivesay | 1 aprile 2016

website traffic is heavy, be patient.

psrenv | 1 aprile 2016

When I go to My Tesla page the url's last thing is RN######...been that way since this morning

Mehrdad | 1 aprile 2016

Finally received my email and the mytesla page is now updated with the RN number. Be patient.

kyle.studd | 1 aprile 2016

I both received my email and see my RN on MyTesla now. So happy!!!