More color choices please

More color choices please

Elon and Tesla-
Please allow more color choices-
I personally would love to have british racing green

Thank you.

NKYTA | 2 aprile 2016

The old mettalic green would be my wife's first choice.

dd.micsol | 2 aprile 2016

It only makes sense to have green as a color...after all it is a 'green' (environmentally friendly) car?!

lph | 2 aprile 2016

A bit early yet to be worrying about colors. That can change at a moments notice.

jordanrichard | 2 aprile 2016

Iph +1. The car is all of 2 days old (publicly) and we are already asking for different color choices. I suspect that purely from a cost stand point, it would be cheaper to have the same color offerings across all 3 models, MS MX M≡ ..

Obi Wan | 2 aprile 2016

Honda once told my inquiry, that Canadians wanted white, silver, grey, tungsten, graphite and black. I wanted red with black interior at the time....couldn't get it. If you check out a large parking lot, those listed colours are common. I have morning sky blue on my LEAF and have nothing but compliments about the colour. My model III will be this lovely red; 1. 'cause I love it and 2. my wife says she's never had a red car... but 3. if a bright neon green was available, we may have to talk since our licence plates are EV green.

dd.micsol | 2 aprile 2016

More production lines should mean more color choices. I'm just happy to be in the first 25k cars to be released.

Bighorn | 2 aprile 2016

Compulsive liar alert

dsvick | 2 aprile 2016

@Bighorn lol +1

sbeggs | 2 aprile 2016

Green and I like the morning sky blue, too.

jdanielp | 2 aprile 2016

Good call dd.micsol - more colour choices would be appreciated especially if British racing green is included :)

kzodz | 2 aprile 2016

Funny, I had just said the other day that British racing green would be my #1 pick. Of course, I also said that I doubted they would make it available. Tesla may not make slow boring cars, but they only seem to offer boring safe color choices.

SUN 2 DRV | 2 aprile 2016

OP: What makes you think you've seen ANY color choices yet?

Darryl | 2 aprile 2016

The more colors you have the more complexity and cost it adds to the car. This is not like ordering a car off the lot. Where there are a lot to choose from. The car is made for you from the beginning with your color choice and options. As with the Model S and X they will have 4-5 colors all but probably one will be shared among the other models. Sold black and solid white will be free, if you want a multi-coat like the red, blue, black, silver, blue or the metallic like the titaniun, silver, or black there is an addition charge. Same way with the interior, black cloth will be free if you want either black or tan leather or white vegan there will be an upgrade fee. Having lots of colors and choices adds to the cost of making the car.

vperl | 2 aprile 2016

For four years the MX folks pleaded for different colors, Tesla Radio Silence

Just like the color actual delivery of M3 probably be late 2018 in any numbers but a few squeezed out early 2018

PhillyGal | 2 aprile 2016

Wasting space on new threads far too frequently alert!

Tropopause | 2 aprile 2016

I'm sure Elon is working on color combinations as we speak. ;)

Red Sage ca us | 2 aprile 2016

RED is the only color that matters. But... One of my Brothers likes Blue... The other loves Green... It would be nice if they both could be satisfied.

scout: My theory? I think the reason for the multiple shades of grey is that 'independent franchised dealerships' are the actual Customers of traditional automobile manufacturers. Their management and salespeople are the type of folk who have spent more time with self help books than textbooks. They lack imagination and creativity. And, being shady, they think in tones of grey. They don't consider the possibility of offering something else to their Customers, so they don't order anything else from manufacturers.

Bighorn: +1!

warren_tran | 2 aprile 2016

I'm fine with the red M3 at the unveil. Matte color would be nice but I can live with red/blue/orange. | 3 aprile 2016

Note that Tesla has 10 paint lines. These are costly and time-consuming to change the paint color. They could batch a wider range of colors - such as purple cars are only made on even months, while magenta cars are made on odd months, sharing one line. For Tesla's size, it is likely not worth the hassle. When you have more demand than capacity, there isn't a lot of reason to offer a purple (or your unusual color choice) low demand color. Any way you look at it, it would slow production - not something Tesla needs or wants to do.

In the past Tesla has changed out the lowest selling 2-3 colors with another set every few years, similar to other car makers.

sbeggs | 3 aprile 2016

50 shades of blue!

cephellow | 3 aprile 2016

Just wrap it, and you can have any color you want and protect the original paint as well.

lph | 3 aprile 2016

@Red Sage...
+1 about the franchise dealers picking dull colors. Another reason to ditch them.

farrell_reis | 4 aprile 2016

how about teal?

farrell_reis | 4 aprile 2016

how about teal?

mos6507 | 4 aprile 2016

Regardless of how realistic it is, it doesn't hurt to ask for your favorite color. Count me as wanting purple. The dark blue that is almost black seems to have a slightly purple tinge to it. That's the closest there is.

Haggy | 4 aprile 2016

Shortly after I got mine, Tesla removed a few colors, presumably to speed up production. What I liked about the color offerings at the time was that they had names that even men could understand. Each color name had the name of a real color in it, like red or green or blue or brown or silver, black or white. They had nothing like desert mist that I couldn't even guess what it might be, or taupe, which women would know but most men have no clue about.

When I got mine, green was my second choice. It turned out a lot of people liked it as their second choice, but that was enough of a reason to drop it. Aside from red and blue, all that was left were various monochromatic shades ranging from black to white with silver and gray in there until they added some colors a while later.

As it turned out, my wife had me switch to green at the last minute because she didn't want to have a car that looked like every other Model S on the road, so I ended up with one of the few green ones with autopilot.

Red Sage ca us | 4 aprile 2016

Honestly, as a graphic artist and longtime fan of PIXAR, I am profoundly surprised that Tesla Motors didn't decide to ALWAYS have some form of complimentary shades of RED, GREEN, and BLUE on offer... Along with the basic primary colors: RED, BLUE, and YELLOW. Even if they were called Sundown Red, Cobalt Blue, and Sunshine Yellow... Or Ruby Candy, Azul Horizon, and Golden Fire... Just switching between flat, metallic, or opalescent versions of the color wheel trinity would be pretty cool, I think.