Curb Weight

Curb Weight

Any educated guesses on the curb weight of the 3?
It's 20% smaller than the 4,600 lb Model S, but supposedly will use more steel and less aluminum.

Will it be less than 4,000 lbs?
Or between 4 and 4.5k? | 3 aprile 2016

3600 for the dual motor configuration

adoh2010 | 4 aprile 2016

The base model S is 4200 lbs, the base model 3 could be no lower than 3800 lbs if they use steel. 20% smaller volume doesn't mean 20% lighter.

Red Sage ca us | 4 aprile 2016

The Tesla Model ☰ seems to be much, much smaller than a BMW 3-Series to my eye. The weight of the battery pack will be substantial, no doubt. But I fully expect the car will, on average weigh in at around 3,700 lbs. Maybe a little more for dual motor, fully loaded cars. Maybe a little less for single motor, base cars with no options.

Sparky | 4 aprile 2016

An interesting point regarding curb weight is that where I live the maximum towing capacity without trailer brakes is half the curb weight of the tow vehicle. A towing option on a car this size may seem a little unnecessary but it may be more capable than it looks in this regard. Backing an electric vehicle down a boat ramp may require a measure of chequebook courage though!