Elon Musk's Mini Twitter Q/A Today

Elon Musk's Mini Twitter Q/A Today

Q: "The lack of a dashboard/HUD is something that I don't think I could get used to. That's the only thing I don't like about the car."
E: "It will make sense after part 2 of the Model 3 unveil"

Q: "I roadtrip ALOT and sleeping in my car is quicker/cheaper than setting up a tent. Really hoping back seats can fold down on the 3."
E: "They can. Will be great for road trips and camping"

Q: "supercharger busy/free status in navigation system will really help. Can skip a busy SC for an available SC for faster charge."
E: "Coming soon for all Tesla cars. Just an OTA software update."

Q: "needs better front design!"
E: "Some tweaking underway"

Q: "Thx for clarifying Elon, can east coast buyers have a chance on saving a spot on tax incentives?"
E: "definitely"

Q: "Considering Indian road condition, hope you've thought about customizing the ride height/ground clearance of m3 for India launch?"
E: "Air suspension dynamically adjusts ride height"

Q: "concept at release is perfect from some angles, perhaps needs some beef fwd of windshield"
E: "Edge and contour refinement are ongoing. Even .1mm matters."

Q: "Hypothetically, would I be able to drive 3 from Miami to SF using super chargers 80+% of the time in 2 years?"
E: "you can do that now with S and X. Will be same for 3."

Q: "Thx for #Model3 ! Why small trunk lid instead of big hatchback like S&X? I ride a bike not a surfboard :) "
E: "Only way to get enough rear passenger headroom was to move the rear roof cross-car support beam. A bike will still fit no problem."

Q: "why did you choose that hideous steering wheel design?:|"
E: "that's not the real steering system"

Q: "will I be able to hook in child car seats in the back seat?"
E: "yes. Will easily fit two child seats. Three if you buy slim seats."

Q: "I read his reply to indicate that not -all- west coast orders would be prioritized, just the very early production"
E: "correct"

Q: "What is Model 3's aerodynamic coefficient???"
E: "hopefully 0.21"

Q: "please don't tweak it too much. I love it. there's good suggestions for a mild revision of the nose at tmc forums"
E: "what's the link to that?"

Q: "British motoring press have no clue about our wait times? Will UK need to wait for a 2nd Euro Factory for Model 3?"
E: "No, but we will need to build a factory in Europe to serve long-term regional demand as Fremont reaches max capacity."

Q: "Reveal cars were awd?"
E: "yes, but production AWD will be a lot faster"

Q: "out of curiosity does the AWD do torque vectoring when detecting wheel spin?"
E: "torque is shifted between front & rear motors every ~.01 secs. Traction control is way better than a normal AWD. Digital vs analog."

Q: "will you make determinations about where to put Superchargers based on amount of orders in an area?"
E: "yes"

Q: "1.Ferrari like steering wheel 2.Move stick functions(turn signals,horn,etc.) on a paddle shifter behind wheel. That would be cool!"
E: "Wait until you see the real steering controls and system for the 3. It feels like a spaceship."

Q: "Not fair for a late reserver in Cali to get it before a 1st-day reserver in NJ. Hopeful for batch shipments."
E: "Won't happen. Reason initial cars are delivered close to factory is to have rapid turnaround on early issues."

Q: "concept at release is perfect from some angles, perhaps needs some beef fwd of windshield"
E: "Edge and contour refinement are ongoing. Even .1mm matters."

JeffreyR | 3 aprile 2016
Chunky Jr. | 3 aprile 2016

Thanks for posting this. Very informative!

I'm liking the 3 more and more each day.

KP in NPT | 3 aprile 2016

He was on fire today! Thank you for consolidating them all!!!

Madatgascar | 3 aprile 2016

The really juicy nugget here: "that's not the real steering system"

KP in NPT | 3 aprile 2016

This is my fave: "Wait until you see the real steering controls and system for the 3. It feels like a spaceship."

Chunky Jr. | 3 aprile 2016

@mp1156 : I agree - that is a juicy tidbit. Certainly the CEO of SpaceX would know whether or not it feels like a spaceship!

Tropopause | 3 aprile 2016

After reading Elon's Tweets, the reservation ticker is about to take off again!!!

jordanrichard | 3 aprile 2016

That long of an exchange and no one asked about the supercharging issue?

MaverickR | 3 aprile 2016

Here's a couple more to add to the list
Q: it's unfair that previous #tesla owners get first dibs for #Model3 . Seems that lot of new customers won't get the $7500 rebate
E: Our production ramp plan should enable large numbers of non X/S customers to receive the credit.

Q: AWESOME! Planning on delivering up to vehicle 199,999 and then waiting until the next 2 quarters to deliver the rest?
E:We always try to maximize customer happiness even if that means a revenue shortfall in a quarter. Loyalty begets loyalty.

I'm blown away by the second answer "Loyalty begets loyalty"

Tropopause | 3 aprile 2016

A bigger trunk or hatch will not matter without Superchargers! ;)

Tropopause | 3 aprile 2016

Wow! Go Elon!

NKYTA | 3 aprile 2016

+1 @prashant

cchouston | 3 aprile 2016

I am really glad to hear about the fact that the steering wheel will have "spaceship" features. I bet there will be a button on it that you push that says "warp speed."

jordanrichard | 3 aprile 2016

Perhaps the thumb wheels will be replaced by touch screens as was rumored for the X.

MaverickR | 3 aprile 2016

@jordanrichard - There were lots of questions about what supercharger "capable" means. Unfortunately they went unanswered.. Elon probably didnt see them

Tropopause | 3 aprile 2016

Photon torpedoes or phasors anyone?

KP in NPT | 3 aprile 2016

@jordanrichard: I have asked him twice (today, a few days ago) to clear up the SC debate. I didn't get a response. :)

I get a feeling it is very much an undecided issue - or an "option" they are not ready to discuss.

Tropopause | 3 aprile 2016

Elon sees all. He elected to defer until they weigh all options.

MaverickR | 3 aprile 2016

@Tropopause - Wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt :-) Very likely he chose to defer it..

Just appreciated him taking the time to answer all the questions. There were a ton.

flight505 | 3 aprile 2016

Who gets to ask Elon these questions? Anybody?

steveg1701 | 3 aprile 2016

@mp1156 my guess is that it is still undecided. Since they're pretty firm on the 35K price tag that gives them wiggle room when they're figuring out how much it will actually cost to build the car

KP in NPT | 3 aprile 2016

Anyone who follows him on Twitter. It's worth joining twitter just to follow only Elon. ;)

MaverickR | 3 aprile 2016

@flight505 - Yes. He opened up the floor for AMA with this twitter post

In general, product comments, suggestions and criticisms are always welcome"

KP in NPT | 3 aprile 2016

@steveg I totally agree. And honestly I would be fine with paying for it as an option. Other tweets indicate that options will be priced lower, in accordance with the 3's lower price. (Less for AWD on the 3 vs. S, he indicated today.) I say this as an S owner.

jordanrichard | 3 aprile 2016

mp1156, that is exactly what I did. I also added Tesla and Space X.

Tropopause | 3 aprile 2016

What other automobile manufacturer CEO answers Tweets like Elon did today?!?

Thank you Elon! I am so proud of you and the Tesla Team!

Nic727 | 3 aprile 2016

Nice summary of news.

jordanrichard | 3 aprile 2016

Tropopause, actually I don't think other CEOs can speak directly with consumers. Everything has to go through the dealers.

Ross1 | 3 aprile 2016

Anyone got a pic of a spaceship interior/
In particular a SpaceX one?

carlk | 3 aprile 2016

Google SpaceX dragon 2.interior.

keithg01 | 3 aprile 2016

This may seem like a ridiculous question, but I am sincere ! Would there be a remote possibility to order the 3 with a tow hitch and pre wiring ? I don't like putting all of our bikes in the back, especially when full of mud. I currently have a small suv with a towing package...very handy for a bike rack, pulling my small utility trailer to pick up the lawn mower from the shop, etc.

KP in NPT | 3 aprile 2016

Keith today on his twitter QA Elon said a tow hitch would be optional. :)

Tiebreaker | 3 aprile 2016
Uncoiled | 3 aprile 2016

A few more:

Q: you are bombarded with questions, but I only ask that a tow hitch be an option for pulling a small trailer, pop up tent, rack, etc
E: There will be an optional tow hitch.

Q: I'd bet @elonmusk a matte black model 3 that if he polled all the preorders for intended color it'd be over 90% matte black.
E: Matte black was surprisingly popular. Probably makes sense to bring it to production.

E: 276k Model 3 orders by end of Sat
Q1: crazy. Think you might crack 500k with part 2?
Q2: they'll probably crack 500k before then even!
E: Yes, if the trend continues, before

Q: ~5k upgrade like on model s for dual motor? Or less since overall cost is lower?
E: less

Q: Elon , will vegan interior be an option on the model 3 ?
E: yes

Q: Will the #Model3 have leg room for me at 6'5"?
E: yes

E: Model 3 will be RWD, with dual motor AWD optional. Even RWD will have great traction on ice due to fast torque response of Tesla drivetrain.

E: And, of course, it will have more cowbells.

E: Signing off from impromptu Twitter AMA. Thanks for the suggestions. Btw, we really will have more cow bells.

Uncoiled | 3 aprile 2016

I'm kind of hoping he's talking about a cowbell sound for a pedestrian horn

Shesmyne2 | 3 aprile 2016

Gotta have more cowbells!

Still Grinning ;-)

inconel | 3 aprile 2016

"production AWD will be A LOT faster" !!!

Chunky Jr. | 3 aprile 2016

Elon and Tesla are turning the car industry into a consumer electronics industry. It's incredible to witness the transformation. It no longer feels like a car - it feels more like a must have gadget that happens to be something you can drive.

Red Sage ca us | 3 aprile 2016

God. I love Elon. All Your Base Are Belong To Us. 42. Ludicrous Mode. Maximum Plaid. More cowbell.

Not much left except maybe: What's that watermelon doing over there?

Dithermaster | 3 aprile 2016

@mrdaniel, thank you so much for summarizing these!

Chunky Jr. | 3 aprile 2016

I don't get the cowbell reference. Is that from a movie?

Madatgascar | 3 aprile 2016

More cowbell comes from an old SNL skit, the catchphrase just stuck.

Elon, don't get too carried away with the steering. Now you've got me worried. I don't want to use a joystick or an oculus rift headset or such.

carlk | 3 aprile 2016

Eye movements controled steering will be fine for me. I'll just need to control my urge to have eye contact with some ladies on the roadside.

Uncoiled | 3 aprile 2016

@Red Sage -- Don't forget that the volume goes up to 11.

pete.williams82 | 4 aprile 2016

For me these were the interesting ones

Q: ~5k upgrade like on model s for dual motor? Or less since overall cost is lower?
E: less

Q: "Reveal cars were awd?"
E: "yes, but production AWD will be a lot faster"

Ie, we're going to get a serious performance upgrade for under $5k... sweet.

KP in NPT | 4 aprile 2016

I can tell you right now the Model 3 is not going to solve our Tesla-related marriage problems. The S was "his" car and the 3 was supposed to be "my" car....after reading tonights twitter summary to hubby I was told that won't be the case. ;)

Hi_Tech | 4 aprile 2016

@mp - We are in the same boat... The MS was my car, and the M3 would be my wife's. After getting super excited last week, I ended up ordering 2 M3s to stop the marriage wars at our home! Now my "almost 13" year old son feels he needs to go around telling others that our current MS will be his "soon".

NKYTA | 4 aprile 2016

Well, he has the timeframe correct, at least! ;-)

Madatgascar | 4 aprile 2016

Lack of instrument cluster + "That's not the real steering system" + "It feels like a spaceship" = Tesla plans to put the instrument cluster displays ON the steering wheel/ stalk/ system. | 4 aprile 2016

Very informative thread. Thanks.
As expected, Elon has given up on .20 drag coefficient but is giving ground grudgingly. I think .21 is also too aggressive but nice to try for. The smaller frontal cross-section will go a long way to cut wind resistance from MS numbers. RWD version will serve a majority of owners, I think, but AWD should definitely be offered. We are going to like this car but the competition is going to hate it.