Useful messages - understanding EVs

Useful messages - understanding EVs

With all the new (future) owners now here (congrats btw) ... I thought I'd start a post on useful messaging when describing the EV paradigm. Here is what I have ... please add to the list guys!!

- It's like the difference between a jet and a propeller airplane

- With a gas car, you refuel when you use it. With an electric you refuel when you aren't using it. This actually makes electrics more convenient to refuel!

- No one would consider buying a gas powered refrigerator ...

- Pollution matters. In some cities people can't breath. Breathing is non negotiable.

- Electric cars are simple. They have no transmission, the engine has just one moving part, and there is no cooling, gas, exhaust, alternator, or starter, and you hardly ever use the brakes. They should last much longer than an ICE age car.

- Fuel costs 1/3 to 1/4 vs gas depending where you live.

- On road trips you refuel only enough to make your destination ... my Supercharger stops are often just 10 minutes!

JeffreyR | 5 aprile 2016

Also some advantages specific to Tesla:

- Elon Musk owns the majority of the shares, and he's on a mission — "Accelerate the transition to sustainable transport."
- Tesla's battery packs (BP) are made up of tiny battery cells (similar to size of AAA). The BP is temperature controlled, has many layers of safety built in, and is shielded by titanium armor.
- Tesla's Model S, Model X, and Model ≡ all have their BP at the base of the car. It dramatically improves driving dynamics by improving stiffness, lowering the center of gravity, and providing a lot of power instantly on demand (launches)
- Tesla insists on selling the safest cars on the road. BP helps, low CG, improved stiffness, as well as the overall design of the car. The Model S literally broke a machine designed to test how well the car would handle pressure on its roof. Testers also had a lot of trouble trying to test the risk of roll overs.

cephellow | 5 aprile 2016

Batteries are not size of AAA, they are 18650's, which means they are 18mm in diameter and 65mm in length.

cephellow | 5 aprile 2016

Technically, the car does have a transmission, but it is a single speed gearbox.

Tstolz | 5 aprile 2016

Love pointing out the difference in company culture too!

Tesla is committed to advancing sustainable transportation by offering compelling electric cars. Other car makers seem to offer gimped electric cars designed to enable them to meet fleet emissions targets so they can sell more SUVs.

brando | 5 aprile 2016

Elon Musk owns about 22% of Tesla stock. He has even stated that the other share holders could easily fire him. He also said he'd probably have to do something really stupid.

I like that he won't bow to Wall Street and give monthly numbers, but just quarterly. I think it would be best if ALL companies did the same. Volatility, I think, only helps Wall Street firms.

jbunn | 5 aprile 2016

Ah, nothing like a nice mellow thread to bring out the folks that want to nitpick the technical details. This was aimed at new owners. OK, it's more like a AA battery. Like you see in a grocery store.

Always gotta be that one guy ....

Red Sage ca us | 5 aprile 2016

TStolz: +21! Nice thread!

"Tesla is committed to advancing sustainable transportation by offering compelling electric cars. Other car makers seem to offer gimped electric cars designed to enable them to meet fleet emissions targets so they can sell more SUVs."

+21! Quoted for TRUTH!

brando: +1! Agreed. Some also want him to break out units per territory as well. I'm glad those numbers remain a 'mystery'. It keeps the company focused globally.

bj | 6 aprile 2016

While all the technical & green arguments are fine, I have found the best argument is to simply describe the driving experience - it is so much smoother, cleaner, nicer and quieter than an ICE - not to mention faster off the blocks. You don't realise how nice it is until you do it.

It is harder to argue against what a superior driving experience is worth in dollar terms. It is just better technology and more pleasant to drive. It gets you away from pointless arguments about "payback time". I mean, what's the payback time of a BMW vs Audi for someone who prefers the BMW driving experience? What's the payback time for a flatscreen TV vs a cathode ray tube? The payback time for LED lighting vs compact fluoro?

cquail | 6 aprile 2016

For me the stability and reliability of the fuel source is very important. Electricity rates do not jump around the way gasoline rates do. Gasoline supply is easily interrupted. In a real emergency, police, fire fighters and the military will get fuel first.

jordanrichard | 6 aprile 2016

cephollow was in my opinion correct in well, correcting the errors. If the point is to introduce new people to the world of EVs and more specifically to Tesla, then it should start off on the right foot.

With that said and since this is focused on future M≡ owners, we actually don't know what size its individual cells will be. I believe, meaning not fact, JB mentioned that they would be a bit larger than the cells currently being used in the MS and MX.

Also, there is cooling and that is of the battery pack and motor.

It is true your brakes will essentially last a very, very long time. Just had my second annual service done on my MS which has 43,000 mile son it and the pad have only wore done about 1.5 mm. The pads are expected to last about 160,000 miles.

We all can try and describe what it will be like for you, but until you actually ride or better yet, drive a Tesla, you can not fully comprehend what it is like. That is not hyperbole, as any owner here will attests to.

PhillyGal | 6 aprile 2016

It's just like a cell phone. Plug it in each night and you start every morning with a full "tank."

What happens when you run out of juice? I don't know, have you ever run out of gas?

cephellow | 6 aprile 2016

The intent of the corrections was to help people new to Tesla and EV technology to be accurate. Most are devouring these posts to try to get information. First acquired knowledge persists, so it should at least be accurate.
With the battery size comment, some may want to learn what modern battery nomenclature means, I.e. 18650 relating to it's dimensions.

Warning: Do not continue reading if you are scared of 'techmology'.

NO, it is not AA sized, it is about 2x the volume of an AA. Claiming you have an 18650 and showing up with an AA...... Sheesh. Tesla may be making a 20700 for the Model 3.

SUN 2 DRV | 6 aprile 2016

"Technically, the car does have a transmission, but it is a single speed gearbox."

Well it doesn't have a way to disengage the motor from the wheels, nor does it change gears in any way, either for various ratios, nor to go into reverse. The motor is ALWAYS directly connected to the wheels through a fixed gear ratio final drive.

Many people would consider that arrangement to be without a transmission.

JeffreyR | 6 aprile 2016

My mistake, I meant to type 'AA' which as @cephellow points out is still not quite right. And as @cephellow further notes, that it is likely the new M≡ cell form factor is 20700 from "10%" comments that JB (CTO @ Tesla) has made in the past.

Here is an image I found searching for "18650 vs AA" on 'the' Google (we'll see if Mollom will let it through):

Some other interesting technical notes on battery cells vs. battery packs and modifications that Tesla has made. Panasonic has changed the basic construction of the cells so that less material is used for the "case" of the cell. I believe the Roadster used standard cells, but later Tesla had them remove redundant materials. Some enterprising folks have done some "Tesla Battery Pack Tear Down" videos.

I think the important detail though is at the battery pack level w/ its multiple levels of safety and active temperature control.

Red Sage ca us | 7 aprile 2016

Just because I like the way this was going... BUMPITY.