Supercharging 101 (for Philly Gal, et al)

Supercharging 101 (for Philly Gal, et al)

I remember Philly Gal was suggesting a Supercharging do's and don'ts thread. Today I stumbled across one from the experts themselves- Tesla!


jordanrichard | 7 aprile 2016

It is interesting that they updated it to include the 90kWh cars, but not he Model X. I didn't expect it to mention the M≡, but it is strange that there is no mention of the X.

Tropopause | 7 aprile 2016

With over 325,000 reservations for Model 3, it might be awhile before this link gets updated. ;)

PhillyGal | 7 aprile 2016

It's a good post but they predictably stayed away from the "local" controversy so we still need to educate the community on good habits. For example, if you're charging for convenience rather than a required charge on a long distance trip, go on off peak hours and stay in your car to move it immediately if all chargers end up full and someone else pulls up.

Tropopause | 7 aprile 2016

Tesla might be holding on to that old local-charging email for future use. ;)

Tropopause | 7 aprile 2016

I guess local charging will be influenced by whether Supercharging is free or not for Model 3. Time will tell.

jordanrichard | 7 aprile 2016

I like to call it opportunistic charging. Not absolutely needed, but since you are there....... However if another car pulls up, with no slots available, get out and wave to the incoming car, unplug and press on.

Also a definition that I think would help to establish in this guise of education would be what "long distance/road trips" means. Any distance that you can't go out and back without a charge, is long distance. So if you live 10 miles from a supercharger and on your return trip you need a charge to get home, plug in.

MaverickR | 7 aprile 2016

>>A non-Tesla car is parked in a Supercharger stall, what should I do?Most Supercharger stalls are reserved for Tesla charging but some stalls allow for time restricted general parking

I wonder why they even allow " time restricted general parking". Legal issues? IMHO - The term "general parking" should never be used in the same sentence as "Supercharger".

jordanrichard | 7 aprile 2016

Every supercharger location is different due to the different laws/agreements with property owners. You can't expect Tesla to list the signage for each every supercharger site.

You have to remember, Tesla does not own the parking spots where the chargers are. They are there as part of an arrangement with the property owner.

TaoJones | 7 aprile 2016

Best practices... Good habits....

Vacate the stall immediately when the charge is complete.
Be aware of pairing and different SC numbering schemes.
Be aware of how LiOn batteries work.
Be aware of real world conditions versus poor Trip Planner alerts.
Put another way, add a 30% buffer when necessary - know what necessary is and is not.
Always pick up trash.
Support the host(s)/host properties even if only with a kind word.
Don't persecute locals.
Do educate ICErs consistently, firmly and courteously.
Be an ambassador.

Hi_Tech | 7 aprile 2016

Rule #1: Don't be a prick! :-)

Tropopause | 7 aprile 2016

Define "prick" and ask the public to agree on such.

SUN 2 DRV | 7 aprile 2016

This week a Twitter user asked Elon: "supercharger busy/free status in navigation system will really help. Can skip a busy SC for an available SC for faster charge."

Elon said: "Coming soon for all Tesla cars. Just an OTA software update."