Model 3 Orders & Public Interest

Model 3 Orders & Public Interest

Had a question yesterday from a senior manager where I work, she asked “how is your car, how does it work?”

Must admit my first reaction was shock but immediately told myself, right...the general public, across all education/economic/social scales, they don’t know much about Tesla. She was looking for all the how’ many miles do you get, how fast do you charge, how can you go long distance...never heard of Tesla’s superchargers. What made her ask? She heard about the Model 3 orders, not once but twice in one day and I could tell she was impressed and curious.

I gave her the stats and added this “I have owned my car for well over 2 years and have never felt limited in how/when/where I drive”. Different planning, new normal, yes...didn’t go into how much better the car is, other than the drive is amazing. Baby steps.

I expect the general public’s interest level has heightened. More foot traffic into Tesla stores, more test drives, more Model S sales. The general public sees my Model S as a $100,000 car they can’t afford, limited in some way (cause all electric cars are and they don’t read anything about it cause they can’t afford it) and a risky purchase given that it is a new company.

But the Model 3 changes everything. They can afford it, a lot of other people are interested so what’s it all about? But then I guess it all amounts to one thing. If you build a great product people will talk about it, they will want it and then they will buy it.

jordanrichard | 7 aprile 2016

Couldn't agree more. You sort of beat me to the punch on this because I was going to create a thread along the same lines, asking if present owners have seen an uptick in the number of people asking about Tesla.

This has truly brought the Tesla name to forefront.

Octagondd | 7 aprile 2016

A big Thank you to both of you for leading the way. I know Tesla has learned a lot through the process and they have much more to learn, but you have my sincerest gratitude for being an early adopter and helping Tesla move closer to its goal of sustainable mass transportation. Model 3 is a huge step and then as Wind, solar, geothermal and battery technology advance, we can step past the cancerous poisons and Wars of the ICE Age.

jordanrichard | 7 aprile 2016

Octagondd, have you ridden in a Tesla yet? If not, just ask an owner, they will mostly likely be more than happy to give rides to perfect stranger. We are funny that way..... :-)

Oh and you're welcome, though it does seem funny saying that. It is very much like when I tell people that I am a 21 yr veteran of the Air Force. People thank me for my service and my natural inclination to say thank you to their thank you because saying you are welcome just seems like an awkward thing to say.

rocketscientist | 7 aprile 2016

Yes, it will be interesting to hear if other owners have similar experiences.
And...thank you very nice of you to recognize the path that brings us to the Model 3. The Model S is such a pleasure it hardly seems like much of a sacrifice : ) But I understand your point and it is much appreciated.

rocketscientist | 7 aprile 2016

Jordan...perfect! And yes...we are a funny that way, it's like it is so good it is wrong not to share!

Octagondd | 7 aprile 2016

I have driven my Uncle's 85. I didn't punch it or anything, but it was fun. Getting in and out was a challenge, but I am sure that has been talked to death in the MS forum.

I am an EV believer. I converted an '86 CRX to Electric. It is down right now with a broken part and an owner with no time to fix. Sadly, my Batteries are just sitting there doing nothing. I leased a Spark EV and enjoy driving it, but it is very limited and cramped. It gets me to work, that is about as good of a review as I can give. This two year wait will be tough, but worth it in the end. I believe. My lease ends in July of 2018, right about the time my number may come up.

KP in NPT | 7 aprile 2016

I had the exact conversation (well, IM) with a coworker today. I'm going to chat him up when I see him in person next week. :)

jordanrichard | 7 aprile 2016

Challenge getting in and out? Granted one has to duck a bit, but a lot of cars are that way now, due to the steep angled windshields. | 7 aprile 2016

Aha, @rocketscientist you have deciphered the secret plan! Congratulations!
And it isn't even rocket science! Model S blows everyone away but is expensive.
Model≡ blows everyone away but isn't very expensive.

Bighorn | 7 aprile 2016

Definitely have seen more interest this week both around town and returning from CA.

rocketscientist | 7 aprile 2016

Yes George no rocket science required : ) although none of the other big boys had the plan...but we all know that and that's another problem...Tesla did and we liked it and we are the grinning drivers. I did not see the instantaneous interest and simultaneous education these great orders would bring. And it will be quite interesting to watch, there are so many that think they can't afford the S, all the $50K buyers, if they drive the S they might think otherwise. So I think Tesla is gaining more than just 3 sales.

Octagondd | 7 aprile 2016

@jordanrichard - The driver door support beam (don't know the technical term, but the piece between the front door and rear door) is further forward than many cars. I am only 5'11", but have longer legs and to get them in I had to sit in the seat first and then bring my legs in. If I try to just step in my legs hit the steering wheel. The car was set for my uncle, but we are basically the same build. It is a minor quibble and has been discussed. I am also 250 lbs, so maybe not the most agile or flexible person on the planet.

jordanrichard | 7 aprile 2016

Ohh, the B-Pillar. Yes, sorry, I forgot about that. I am 5' 9", so I don't have my seat that far back. | 7 aprile 2016

Anecdotal evidence of public awareness so far. I belong to a senior softball association locally with about 340 members. Three of us own a Model S. All 340 are now aware of Tesla. Dozens of guys are reminding me that I was right about the interest in the Model≡ every playing date. Tesla still has to execute, as always, but in the space of a week interest in Tesla has jumped by orders of magnitude.

Tropopause | 7 aprile 2016

The power of free advertising!

rocketscientist | 8 aprile 2016

Hard earned free advertising! If you wow the public they will take notice, but it wasn't easy and yes George Tesla still has to deliver, based on my experience they will work very hard to see that they do. Their execution thus far has been incredible. Yah, I girl...with good reason!

steveg1701 | 8 aprile 2016

It just happened that I took delivery of my S on 3/31 - made it a doubly important day for me since I'm also a stockholder! When I was telling my friends at bowling about the car the most common reaction was WOW is that the one everybody was standing in line for? Yet despite all the hoopla one lady looked at the picture and asked what kind of car is that? Tesla. Who makes it? LOL

ishaik | 8 aprile 2016

as someone who has known about tesla (a few coworkers have model S) but never really considered buying one until recently, this thread speaks to me.

i actually was going to buy a bmw ///M3 until the reveal, and after seeing the model ☰ i changed my mind.

but thats just it, I'm not a "tesla fanboy" and if they don't deliver it on time, I'm not going to wait around driving my 2007 5 series with 95,000 miles on it waiting and hoping for 3 yrs after they said it was going to be out to get a new car.

tesla needs to deliver on time (or early) or a lot of people like me are going to drop out of the race, in my opinion.

i hope they can do it. only time will tell.

rocketscientist | 8 aprile 2016

Nice and welcome ishaik...hopefully the wait will line up with your time line. And...I get the criteria. My status as a fan girl in no way makes me blind to short comings. That said, Tesla's accomplishments, service, car are at such a contrast to my other auto experiences. I think Tesla is in a good position to keep you...they've done this 3 times now, this should go faster. The volume is a good problem...still a problem : )

ishaik | 8 aprile 2016

@rocketscientist thanks for the welcome :)

i think its completely doable if they play their cards right. they just need to stop focusing on the wrong things. if the model ☰ was equipped with a good battery pack, available with ludicrous mode, and even had analog speedometer and simple mechanical action door handles, it still blows away any ICE competitor. they don't need to put anything more into the car as far as technology because to me, personally, owning an electric car that competes with a bmw //M3 is more than enough. i don't need it to have a heads up display, or anything else like autonomous driving features. I'm happy if it looks as slick as it does now with simple pull action door handles and an analog speedometer. anything they add to it that will delay its production is going to really hurt them, and thats the mistake i hope they don't make.

i just hope that its not like the model x where it was revealed in 2013 and people are just now starting to take delivery in 2016. I'm hopeful, and optimistic that they'll get it out in time. i really want one.

damonmath | 8 aprile 2016

I had 2 people at work put down deposits on the 3, and another on the fence about it. I took 6 people on a test drive when I had a P85D loaner and they were all blown away. I am also seeing an uptick in ignorant rants on Facebook with regards to Tesla as a company, the coal comparison, the tax credits, and of course range anxiety.

rocketscientist | 8 aprile 2016

Great points and I do believe Tesla is thinking long and hard on the lessons learned i.e. falcon wing doors. But I like the way you simplify it...they have already blown the competition away, getting that car to production should chump any added what did he call it...cow bells : ) Range, charging options...those are cow bells to always improve upon...the rest you are right...not if it delays mass production.

finman100 | 8 aprile 2016

as far as the negatives in the social media circles...haters REALLY got nothing now. funny to watch them spout non-sense. damage control. i love it. Go Elon!

PeterPlt | 8 aprile 2016

However, the culture (and strategy) of Tesla is NOT to beat the competition. It is to rewrite the game completely. That is why Tesla is not likely to back down from continuing to create new paradigms rather than to be satisfied with shifting them.

This disruptive approach is a great part of the appeal for the company and its products.

Agree or disagree... and why?

ishaik | 8 aprile 2016

@peterplt i agree, and i think they already have rewritten the game as you put it simply by making an affordable electric vehicle that performs the same or better than its ICE counterparts. how much better can you get? and is it worth losing customer base over (or worse)? at what point does being obsessed with shifting paradigms become disruptive to your business? when do you learn from your mistakes (model X) and take the road that leads to success instead? even if that means you don't have a car with all the "cowbells" in it that you may have wanted?

i support tesla and its mission, but definitely not blindly. i want them to succeed, badly. a lot of people do. the car is amazing, as is. if it was ready to be sold today, it would have 275,000+ buyers, as is. thats saying something. it aint broke, so don't fix it. (to an extent).

just my 2 cents as a non-tesla owner (hopefully a future tesla owner).

rocketscientist | 8 aprile 2016

Agree and disagree within this context. I agree their goal is to welcome competition, EM opened the unveil crediting the Model S program with the launch of the volt. And they will undoubtedly continue to challenge the auto establishment, thus the shift you mention. Yet, the Model 3 at first glance looks as if it has challenged and will shift. If additional cow bells fall into the falcon wing category then let them go. Getting 300,000 Model 3’s on the road is a big shift. The disruptive approach is appealing to many, but I do not believe it is the defining point of their brand, especially with the Model 3 buyers. But your point is valid, if Tesla feels they have something to add to the 3 that we all need, we just don't know it yet...for me, it will be worth the wait.

Red Sage ca us | 8 aprile 2016

rocketscientist: +42! Great thread! The Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything about "What Shall We Show and Tell When People Inquire About Tesla Motors?"

rocketscientist | 9 aprile 2016

I enjoy this exchange...part of the fun that is driving Tesla, being part of this historical movement in transportation and having such a great vantage point. +42...why 42, just curious.

cephellow | 9 aprile 2016

Better start reading -hitchhiker's guide to the universe- Douglas Adams.

cephellow | 9 aprile 2016

There are other need to know references that rocketscientist may need to catch up on...
Volume to '11'
"Ludicrous" and "Plaid" modes
'Just read the instructions' and 'I Still Love You'
Any others?

Tropopause | 9 aprile 2016

Local Supercharging? ;)

cephellow | 9 aprile 2016

@Tropo- Ouch!

portia | 9 aprile 2016

@Octagondd, actually you are supposed to sit down first then pull your legs in for better biomechanics and use of your body, I did not know that either before my personal trainer taught me.

rocketscientist | 9 aprile 2016

Been told that many times...on my list, must read Hitchhiker. Love to use adages that tell it better than mere words.

Red Sage ca us | 9 aprile 2016

42 is the Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Which was cool and all, but brought on the query, "If that's the 'ANSWER', then what the [HECK] is the 'QUESTION'...?"

What do you get if my multiply six by nine? 42. Well, maybe in base-thirteen, but... Uhm... NO.

How many of your base are belong to us? 42. Wait... Hunh? What?!?

What's that watermelon doing over there? 42. Hmmm... Not quite.

How many roads must a man walk down? 42. OK, that fits...

NKYTA | 9 aprile 2016

Wait, @george watt is your batting average?

How do people miss the most obvious of questions?