Why the big back window instead of a big front window?

Why the big back window instead of a big front window?

The X presents with the 'largest windscreen ever made'.

M3 looks like one of the largest back windows.

So I am wondering, why the policy change?

Is it that customers in this bracket would be turned off by the X-type front glass? (My wife is. It gets hot here)

Or is it that by having the large rear glass, Tesla may/ can offer options whereby for various trunk configurations the buyer can opt out of the big glass. This is not possible with the X.
Like, with a wagon, hatch or notch / 3 box whatever you call it, the back glass will be different.

Would you have ordered/ loved the M3 if it had a Model X type front window?

Hope I have made myself clear (pun).

Remnant | 10 aprile 2016

An expansive windshield should be specified as made of hardened (rock-proof, bullet-proof) glass, in order to prevent a need for replacements of such an expensive part.

Electrochromic tinting should also be one of such a windshield's specs.

yongliangzhu68 | 10 aprile 2016

The M3 does have what is probably one of the largest (or extended) windshield's. It actually goes back to about the B pillar.

DTsea | 10 aprile 2016

Big back glass is for rear seat head room.

jordanrichard | 10 aprile 2016

wj, you are mistaken. Look again at the pictures of the M≡, there is a seam at the top of the windshield.

I am going to guess that a MX like windshield would cost too much for them to reach the $35K price point.

The glass roof/back glass on the M≡ will be standard and with no option to change it. It would require them to design and engineer 2 different sets of rear glass.

cephellow | 10 aprile 2016

In many ways, glass is cheaper than metal. It doesn't need to be painted and is easy to replace. A dent in the roof from hail or a pine cone can be a much more expensive repair than replacing a glass panel.
As far as car 'heating' is concerned, an IR coating can deny most of the Solar radiated heating into the cabin, and glass is a better insulator, so conductive heating is reduced as well. With metal, especially painted with dark colors, the IR is absorbed and then conducted through the metal into the cabin. The headliner does most of the work of preventing conductive and convective transfer.

jordanrichard | 10 aprile 2016

Though if you think about it, glass is heavier than a sheet of metal. Since weight robs range, I am sure Tesla felt that the importance of gaining head room was higher than any effect on range the added weight may have caused.

Ross1 | 10 aprile 2016

There are many ways to increase headroom.

The reason to need more headroom is the reason you want more headroom.
Lowering the back seats. Or the front seats.
Raise the profile. Lots of ways.

But do you really think that huge design element and futuristic space age glass back window is so the kids can see out? the headrests are in the way anyway.

So is it so 6 footers can sit in the back?
Or 7 footers?

I go back to thinking it gives more options for change of style from coupe, notch, hatch etc.

Nic727 | 10 aprile 2016

Someone know If Model 3 roof and windshield will be rock/bullet proof?

Dont want thieves to break the windows to try to steal the car or destroying the 15" screen.

Spacebird | 10 aprile 2016

I suspect the extended X windshield is much more expensive than the 3's roof panel, and back-seat riders from the reveal reported that it gave an expansive feeling (as well as more headroom).

KdotB | 10 aprile 2016

Hey so no sunroof we can open? Perhaps a giant glass targa top :)

jordanrichard | 10 aprile 2016

dunic777, seriously? What windshield do you know that is rock/bullet proof?

The glass will obviously be safety glass, but not rock proof. Do you currently own a Tesla? The only way you are going to steal a Tesla is by towing it, but that will of course set off the alarm. There is no ignition to pop/hotwire.

Nobody is going to break into a car just for the sack of damaging the interior.

Red Sage ca us | 10 aprile 2016

OP: So you don't have to amputate the craniums of your passengers to fit them in the back seat.

fyun89 | 10 aprile 2016

I believe AAA replaces your windshield for free if its damaged by rock on the road... Or let the insurance company pay it for ya.