19" vs 20" vs 21" rims

19" vs 20" vs 21" rims

If the 20" tires give increased rannge over 21", would the 19" tires (like the ones they sell for the winter tire and rim combo) give even further increased range?

jamesmd | 18 aprile 2016

I wonder if that assuption applies all the way down to 4" rims! ;)

vperl | 18 aprile 2016

Yes, matter of fact my Red Rider wagon got great mileage

Polybius | 18 aprile 2016

I would like to have 19 vs 20 any day. multiple benefits

MyXinTx | 22 aprile 2016

We all have our reasons...

I would prefer 18" or 19" since the matching tire allows for more rubber cushion and a smoother, quieter ride...don't really care about the looks of the wheels...function over fashion

Gary an Rachel | 22 aprile 2016

I would not want anything over 20". I was going to pick 19" before ever seeing what the options were. After hearing about noise and ruff rides from 22" I will stay with 20".

Claudedohrn | 26 aprile 2016

The 19" winter tire option appears to not be staggered. Any idea why that is? I'm not a car guy, just curious. Is it safe to assume that the ride will be quieter and smoother?

Speedy P | 27 aprile 2016

Sorry if this is a silly question, but I have an extra set of 21" turbines for my MS. Could I change the tires and sensors on them and have a winter set for a Model X? Can I even use Model S rims on a Model X?

sra | 28 aprile 2016

If I could have chosed, I would have preferred 18" and higher profiled tires (55). That would have given more comfort and safer driving on rugged roads. The X is supposed to be a SUV, and to be used under rough conditions.