Which home charger for both Leaf and Tesla?

Which home charger for both Leaf and Tesla?

My wife got a Nissan Leaf.
What is the model of the home charger I should get in order to satisfy both Leaf and Tesla cars?

PV_Dave @US-PA | 26 aprile 2016

Any J-Plug (J1772) will work. Many, many options to choose from.

jjs | 26 aprile 2016

The chargers are built into Teslas. A 50 amp 240V (U.S.) circuit should work just fine. You can use the cord that comes with the car. As for the LEAF, I believe the same outlet will work as long as you have a modified cord for the LEAF that allows for 240V. I believe the LEAF still only comes standard with a 110V cord/charger.

PhillyGal | 26 aprile 2016

Clipper Creek is a popular company. I've also heard people talk about "juice box"

The important part is getting one that is capable up to higher amps if you intend/need your Tesla to charge quickly. But in my opinion, even charging at the usual J1772 rate (18 miles per hour for example) is pretty sufficient for a typical lifestyle. eg: you'd charge both cars for a couple hours every 24 hour period.

stevenmaifert | 26 aprile 2016

This is a service converted Tesla 10kW Universal Mobile Charger. It will charge the Leaf, and you can use the J1772 adapter that comes with the Tesla car to charge the Tesla. If you already have a UMC, they can do the service conversion to J1772 for $199.

cquail | 26 aprile 2016

Leviton has models that you can unplug and take with you. I have an early model that is only 16 amp. Leviton has 32 amp and 40 amp models now. We also have a Leaf, but charge the Tesla from a Nema 14-50 plug @ 31mph.

SUN 2 DRV | 26 aprile 2016

The Tesla specific chargers have a button on the handle to open your charge port door. VERY handy.

So frankly I'd recommend getting both a Tesla Wall Connector and a J1772 based system. This way both cars could charge at the same time and you get the very best Tesla experience.

eriklarsonaz | 29 aprile 2016

I have a Cliper Creek 40amp j1772 for my Focus, but when I add the M3 the actual load on my whole house will be too high for the 200 amp mains. Not sure If you will actually plan to charge both at the same time but 200 amp is pretty standard for the US. I know my 40 amp Clipper will usually only pull 35amps. I had planned on probably only needing to charge the M3 every couple days rather than my nightly 1/2 charge I do now on my Ford (takes 3.5 hours 0-28kWh). Staggered charging will get me by for now but I'll run a separate 40amp connection for the M3.

Earl and Nagin ... | 29 aprile 2016

I have 50 amp capacity to my detached garage. I have 2 NEMA 14-50 outlets in it to charge Tesla and Leaf. The Tesla is on a mobile connector with the charging current reduced to 16 amps, the Leaf is on a Clipper Creek LCS-20 (cheapest and best J-1772 charger in my experience) so it, too draws 16 amps. I can boost the Tesla to 30 amps if I make sure nothing else is consuming if I need to. When I do that, I usually unplug the Leaf.
This works quite well.