Texaco man with a star

Texaco man with a star

You may not be old enough to remember full service at gas stations like I am. I suggest that they hire valets or entry-level folks to do no more at superchargers than unhook the supercharger and close charge port when finished charging. After closing the charge door the Teslas would park themselves nearby making the stall available for the next Tesla. The Tesla owners could then take their time eating or shopping and not worry about plugging up the charging process.

Bighorn | 27 aprile 2016

Tesla has sub-contracted with a valet service for a few of the busier CA superchargers. Most places they'd be lonelier than the Maytag repairman.

DTsea | 27 aprile 2016

Sounds expensive.

Red Sage ca us | 27 aprile 2016
larry | 28 aprile 2016

Valets have already been tested, and Teslas can already auto drive out of your garage. Expensive? Let the mall tenants employ this valet as an incentive to allow you more time to shop in their stores.

jordanrichard | 28 aprile 2016

Auto driving out of one's garage in a straight line out of one's garage is a far cry from a car pulling away from a SC and then go off and try to find a parking space on its own. Until the laws change, there will be no driverless cars trolling for parking spaces.

damonmath | 28 aprile 2016

Now there's a million dollar idea. Cars that troll/shark for parking spaces. Just exit your car at the mall and have the car find it's own spot... It could even pick you up after you're done shopping. True summon feature.

jordanrichard | 28 aprile 2016

damonmath, a couple of years ago, Audi released a video of one of their cars doing just that, in a parking garage no less. The concept was that you would exit the car, press a button an the car would go search out and park itself, while you went off to do some shopping. Then when you were done, you summoned the car to come pick you up. Now, of course they did nothing with this concept and Tesla did, to the extent that your car can pull in and out of the garage.

However trolling cars is not going to happen until law makers, insurance industry, and of course lawyers agree about allowing such driverless cars to be on the road or in this instance trolling for parking spaces.

mntlvr23 | 28 aprile 2016

In lieu of human valets, hooking and unhooking the supercharger - they will likely eventually be something like the automated snake charger (that Tesla showed in a video of its prototype last year).

Very cool, but a bit risque - even Elon said that it felt wrong watching it, lol.

kzodz | 28 aprile 2016

Since they are free for everyone forever, I also suggest that they provide food and drinks as well. Possibly a massage service or a little cinema where we can all gather and watch 40 minutes of old movie serials while waiting for the car to charge.

larry | 28 aprile 2016

They used to wash your windows and air your tires for free.

mntlvr23 | 28 aprile 2016

@larry ....... and check your engine oil (how obsolete is that)