What is after purchase upgradable ?

What is after purchase upgradable ?

So I would love to know everything that can be installed after purchase. Like can a 2WD be easily later brought in to make it a 4WD. Can other also options be installed later...etc... | 28 aprile 2016

We'll have to wait 20 months or so to find out for sure, but other than rims and tires, most physical items are not upgradable (i.e. AWD, Pano roof, cloth vs leather, paint colors, etc.). The Autopilot software feature is something you can buy afterwards ($2500 on the Model S/X now). There are many third-party aftermarket products for Tesla's Model S and X currently, and I'm sure many will be available for the Model 3. I have a long list of modifications and retrofits for the Model S and X (and I'll expand it once the 3 is available).

jordanrichard | 28 aprile 2016

If your question pertains to Tesla part upgrades vs 3rd party aftermarket, just rims.

Tesla is not into body kits like Mercedes is with its AMG line.

The only thing that can be and is designed to be replaced/upgraded is the battery pack.

dsvick | 28 aprile 2016

We'll have to wait 20 months or so to find out for sure...

Wait that long for what? I'm thinking people will be configuring in a little over a year, and In 20 months there will, hopefully, be quite a few already delivered. Or are you just talking about after market stuff that will become available?

mntlvr23 | 28 aprile 2016

@teslatap - nice website !!

Haggy | 28 aprile 2016

Chances are you will configure much closer to delivery than that. Tesla doesn't need to know your configuration plans too many months in advance, you won't want to lock yourself in, and you most likely wouldn't want your reservation deposit to become non-refundable until you are at the point where you know which specific month your car is scheduled to be built.