Will Elon release end of month numbers today

Will Elon release end of month numbers today

I believe he said he'd release one month numbers for mdl 3 reserves.

slasher0016 | 29 aprile 2016

If so, I wouldn't expect them before Sunday.

yongliangzhu68 | 29 aprile 2016

I would guess not. There is very little PR to be gained until announcing the 500,000 mark.

dd.micsol | 29 aprile 2016

wj- I wouldn't expect 500k until 2019. Orders will level off. The only other sales pitch is unveil 2. I think most of the hype is over.

Hi_Tech | 29 aprile 2016

Definitely not today, since today isn't 1 month yet. Probably will go through the end of April.
That said, I'm not certain if they will or should provide any additional details on the reservation numbers. The media "journalists" will just make up baseless stories when given only partial info.

Hi_Tech | 29 aprile 2016

@dd - I think they'll cross the 500k mark easily before end of 2017. Guessing it'll cross 1m mark by end of 2017.

Captain_Zap | 29 aprile 2016


You have a reputation for making this kind of thing up. What is your source?

KP in NPT | 29 aprile 2016

I wouldn't expect Elon to say anything about numbers until the quarterly conference call on the 5th.

Bighorn | 29 aprile 2016

Elon never said that to my recollection.

alinbuleu | 29 aprile 2016

I hoping more people back out so I can move up in line:) figuring I'm 375k th. 2019 delivery if it goes the way I think.

apeter1972 | 29 aprile 2016

I think the 500 000 mark has been passed

bb0tin | 30 aprile 2016

I remember in the first week Elon saying he would update the reservation count at the end of the first week and end of the month. I haven't found the source but I will keep looking...

bb0tin | 30 aprile 2016

...cannot find the source but this has some interesting tweets

Bighorn | 30 aprile 2016

I think he said update tomorrow and next week, at the time. No mention of in a month. Unless he did--doubt it though.

SamO | 30 aprile 2016


Darryl | 3 maggio 2016

They are probably still in the low 400,000. The orders were quickly falling off. We should know later today as the board meeting is later today. The last thing I read Elon was estimating in the 500,000 range by the time they go into production.