Active Spoiler on 90X

Active Spoiler on 90X

Just updated my software and my spoiler is no longer active. Yes, I know that as a regular (non-performance) 90D model, I was not supposed to have the active spoiler to begin with. However, I was one of the lucky ones and had it upon delivery. After the update, the spoiler no longer tilts down when I go above 45 mph. The software update took away one of the features that my car came with upon delivery. Just posting this as a FYI in case anyone wants to not update their software to keep their spoiler active.

lilbean | 31 maggio 2016

Oh no!!!

aesculus | 31 maggio 2016

Not good. Have not tried it yet. So we only have two positions then? Parked and visibility mode?

lilbean | 31 maggio 2016

That's a bummer for me because one side of my spoiler isn't painted. I decided not to complain about it since I wasn't supposed to get the active spoiler to begin with. It didn't bug me much because I didn't have to see it when it was retracted. Now that is really going to annoy me. Does it retract while parked at least?

pvetesla | 31 maggio 2016

I don't think they are retracting now either.

cmbarclay | 31 maggio 2016

Can anyone confirm if they are or are not retracting?

lilbean | 31 maggio 2016

I wish I could, Guinea pig car is still at the SC.

cmbarclay | 31 maggio 2016

@libean Mine is too.

lilbean | 31 maggio 2016

Geez. Nothing surprises me anymore.

cmbarclay | 31 maggio 2016

I hate the exposed attachments if they are going to leave it up. If they do I am going to ask mine be replaced with a fixed spoiler.

lilbean | 31 maggio 2016

I should probably ask them to paint the area that is missing paint. The problem is, i don't trust them to paint it properly.

lilbean | 31 maggio 2016

I just realized I left my Tesla umbrella in the car when I left it at the SC. I hope they don't take that back!

cmbarclay | 31 maggio 2016

@libean you crack me up :) I am still laughing!

lilbean | 31 maggio 2016

@cmbarclay: I'm glad :) You just gotta laugh about these things if you are a Model X owner. :-D

jpcompetello | 31 maggio 2016

what 'god' (elon) giveth, god (elon) can taketh away.....but why???? Loyalty means zero in this business..

ian | 31 maggio 2016

This is just one report. Others on TMC have said the active spoilers on their 90D's still work just fine after the latest software update.

aesculus | 31 maggio 2016

This post gave me a mild heart palpitation. I have updated to the latest sw (45?) last Friday. I am happy to report for right now mine is still fully active. At 46 mph it goes into efficiency mode and after descending to under 45 mph for several minutes, it goes back to visibility mode.

Doesn't mean mine won't go inactive someday. I doubt it will ever be fully fixed though. I would have a problem with that.

An added benefit for me is that it no longer sneaks up when parked. The whole weekend I noticed that it was down where it should have been while before the latest update it would sneak back up whenever it thought I was not looking. :-)

MicTheCat | 31 maggio 2016

@aesculus. Your car has lost it's personality. I am sorry for you ;-)

rdainer | 31 maggio 2016

Mine is still active ..

elguapo | 31 maggio 2016

So is anyone other than the OP experiencing this issue?

darlin | 31 maggio 2016

Mine is still active.

bhoskins | 31 maggio 2016

Mine is still active. It started popping back up after retracting when I locked it. I toggled the spoiler setting and did a reset with the steering buttons. One of those actions fixed it and it is back to working like it did prior to the update.

darlin | 31 maggio 2016


rsimsic | 31 maggio 2016

One piece of good news... If it's down and you open the trunk it stays down! Creates a little extra clearance for the garage!

aesculus | 31 maggio 2016

One piece of good news... If it's down and you open the trunk it stays down! Creates a little extra clearance for the garage!

How do we insure it's down. Because right now I have to allow for it to be up. I can't tell you how many times I have hit my head on it. If I could recapture those two inches it would be like night and day.

lilbean | 31 maggio 2016

Me too. OUCH! One of these days I will knock myself unconscious. | 31 maggio 2016

Gosh all hemlock, my spoiler, obtained today with my X, is blissfully in the down position while the car sleeps. It was up when I picked up the car. I mentioned that I didn't pay for an active spoiler. I was told that mine would not vary its angle of attack in response to driving speed. How would I know?

aesculus | 31 maggio 2016

Take it for a spin and when the speed gets to 46 mph you should see it move.

Note: It takes a lot longer for it to go back to the mid point after you go below 45 mph so it does not flap about. I have seen it take 5 minutes or more of continuous < 45 mph before it moves.

bheise | 1 giugno 2016

Thanks, bhoskins. That worked for me as well. All is good now. Sorry for the scare to everyone else.

aesculus | 1 giugno 2016

@bheise: You owe me 15 mins of my life back. :-)

jamesmd | 1 giugno 2016

I think it gave me a few more grey hairs

carlk | 1 giugno 2016

Everybody is talking about fixed spoiler but did anyone actually receive one?

lilbean | 1 giugno 2016

Mine is active :)

aesculus | 1 giugno 2016

carlk: There are a number of people over at TMC that have received fixed spoilers and posted pictures too.

It sounds like unless you have a ~<3k VIN waiting in the wings, your spoiler will be fixed.

carlk | 1 giugno 2016


I actually meant physically fixed spoiler. I remember someone on TMC forum posted a picture a while ago of one he saw at Tesla store or service center with the base that looks different than ours. No one seems to have received one like that so I'm not sure if that will be the case.

EternalChampion | 1 giugno 2016

X90D, Spoiler alive and well after latest update. And I've seen it adjust during driving.

aesculus | 1 giugno 2016

@carlk: No. I am with you on the fixed spoiler. There were a lot of people reporting getting them in the last week or so and some posted pictures of their cars. The attachment is bigger and I think it was body color.

One person today said that their SC stated they think they have delivered the last of the 90D's with active spoilers too.

scott | 2 giugno 2016

Mine is still active and working normally.

Triggerplz | 2 giugno 2016

Mine is too active it came down a second after my hand was removed from under it while whipping some water off from underneath it

lilbean | 2 giugno 2016

@triggerplz: Is it ok for an electric car to get wet?;)

Triggerplz | 2 giugno 2016

@lilbean LOL I guess as long as you not standing in water when you touch it you good to go :-)

siliconhammer | 2 giugno 2016

Now that a reasonable number of MX deliveries have taken place the forums are becoming quite useful. Owners like @bhoskins are providing great tips on how to fix glitches. I'm also seeing great threads pop up talking about paint and interior protection, aftermarket tires and all kinds of useful information. I really hope some of the early members stay with those of us who have not received our vehicles so you can share your wisdom, it helps. I appreciate it. It certainly takes the sting out of not having mine yet, I can live vicariously through you and learn a lot so I'm well prepared when mine is delivered.

rockyouever | 6 giugno 2016

VIN : 22xx delivered 3/31. X90D

The spoiler was doing fine like active one since delivery and after the update 7.1 (2.20.45) it would only go up when speed was over 45 miles/hr and completely close down when the car stopped with brake applied. I was driving like this for couples of days. Then since yesterday it is back to normal (active as before the update).
I did toggle the spoiler controls two days ago (car was later locked/unlocked and driven but the fob and car were not far away from each other) and it did nothing to help at that time. I wondered if the car and fob had something to do with each other to maintain settings or prevent new setting to take effect. Yesterday I locked my car and went into office (so there was not connection between them) and when I came back and drove my car, the spoiler became normal. :-} | 6 giugno 2016

Sorry, officer. I didn't see that building. I was checking my spoiler operation.😇

rossRallen | 6 giugno 2016

My P90D always raises its spoiler when I approach. I wonder "Do you want to drive, or are you just glad to see me?" Operation normal in fully-up, partially-down (above 45 mph), and stowed when off. I have the latest OTA update.

carlk | 6 giugno 2016

Are you attractive? ;)

rockyouever | 6 giugno 2016


elguapo | 7 giugno 2016

Okay, so this is settled. TM isn't "deactivating" spoilers. It appears, from TMC, that fixed spoilers are actually built differently. So have no fear of you have a 90 with active spoiler. Just be grateful.

carlk | 7 giugno 2016

That makes sense.

raging.dragonfly | 7 giugno 2016

90D, VIN 4357: we have an active spoiler, working just fine :-)

aesculus | 7 giugno 2016

Wow. That's a high VIN for an active spoiler.