X test drive not happy with sales ppl but then....

X test drive not happy with sales ppl but then....

Saturday july 9 went for a test drive after fixing up an appt couple of weeks ago
Arrived 5 min early after confirming appt (and the name of the person that i set it up with )that morning
Showed up and asked for the person who set up an appt sales guy insists on and on no one by that name !!!
Little irritated
Then the wait for test drive starts and goes on and on and on....
Start looking around the floor model X a sales guy reluctantly walks over and barely has anything to say .....
Showed him my reservation # from may of last yr still no reaction
He was the one i met in the parking lot earlier in my S that didnt garner much reaction of loyalty either
Finally 1/2 later the sales girl comes back in the 6 seater from a prev test ride and we get in wife drove since reservation is for her
And we drive and my wife asking her to explain everything and.....words barely fall out of her mouth .... Very disappointing
My kids were frustrated !!!! None of use said anything
However in the end i thot maybe they dont get to drive it as much or not at all
If this is more common then they need to step up in their training
Anyways drive felt grt very impressed with X itself ofcourse
X feels "heavy" and much more steady compared to my S maybe because my S is rwd
Even AP seemed a bit better in our short drive compared to my S
Heighr felt grt
Windshield was fantastic despite many ofthe whinings on the posts
Falcon wing was an absolute dream to c in operation almost teared up!!! Such elegance
Drove a 90d 6 seater
6 seater much much better than 7 seater floor model in terms of back seats comfort
7 seater not as nimble to get in out as Elon demo'd last sep
Trunk not as big as i imagined from Elin's demo so goes for the frunk too
Seat control from screen is absolute magic and a dream come true as i wished this so often driving a van and new comers wud b fumbling to open the van doors
Wh/mile not bad seems about same as S despite some scary pics on the posts
Flap remains up except in P
Auto present doors are just about as magical as falcon wing doors fwd
Didnt test acceleration as wife is not that comfortable or not that interested
I drive her crazy in my S she vows each time not to get in ever again ;-)
Finish looked fine to me despite some postings not a Connoisseur for such things far from it
Magnetic Sun shade another magic felt great my daughter very impressed as she doesnt like my S visor
Back seating was good
Screen has front and rear ac control another blessing from past exp
Cant think of much else but all in all dream come true sitting in an X
Found out more that 5 seater and COILS are both a distant future very dejected
Seriously considering upgrading to 6 and Active suspension they said they will waive $500 chng fee !!! And promised a good chance of deliv by sep hmmmm
O 2 hidden cup holders in the second row
2 in the seat cup holders in the third
Second row is perhaps good only for 3 kids or 2 adults and child in 7
6 seater more comfortable than 7 space wise
Touch sensitive led interior lighting big hit with my daughters

Gayatrikr | 10 luglio 2016

Didnt try folding third row
Without PUP front door pops open
One surprising thing is fwd stays partially open and does not adjust and open as demo'd by Elon in sep
We made her stand close to what we thot will be the pillar in our garage

vperl | 10 luglio 2016

Point of order,

Unless you read correspondence with letter head, or actual corporate Tesla materials.

The Claims any employee at any of the sales centers are rumors, and speculation.

Just like I got two months ago about the five seater. Looking directly, and I asked one question, there was a long pause, then end of year popped out. Then admitted no word directly had been disseminated to anyone he knew of.

I do however, I cling to the speculation, MX five seater production will start End December, and Five seaters first delivery end Jan 2017

Tesla communicates as well as it trains it's sales, customer service people.

elguapo | 10 luglio 2016

I have to agree with @vperl here. Never, ever believe anything someone at a Tesla store tells you. Service centers know more, depending on which one, but generally, not much is known outside of HQ.

Tesla rule #1 - believe it when you see it. Period.

Gayatrikr | 10 luglio 2016

K vacillating again on upgrade and b done
Hate to waste money on anything other than batt

Gayatrikr | 10 luglio 2016

Did ask him to check on factory owned inv vehicle he made some effort but was more interested in upgrading

elguapo | 10 luglio 2016

Inventory vehicl discount is really tiny on X - like $500 - reported so far. Avoid ever going to store or interacting with store folk again and order online.

My X is my second Tesla, so there's a bit of experience in that recommendation. The forums are far more helpful than the stores.

aesculus | 10 luglio 2016

@Gayatrikr: Where did this occur? We can probably help you out a bit if we knew what location you went to. Many of us have visited most of the Tesla locations. While that is not an excuse for Tesla's lackluster sales staff, at least we can try to help you.

Also you can report the experience to your country sales department. For NA it's

Gayatrikr | 10 luglio 2016

Well not sure if i want to give particulars of locations and get myself shot in the foot
Maybe i was expecting them to gush with info but it didnt appear to be so
Couldnt even clearly explain regenerative braking
Didnt go over the screen features
No mention of even the features while test driving
Mostly silent

Gayatrikr | 10 luglio 2016

Maybe she had a bad day or didnt like us family of 4 ;-)

Gayatrikr | 10 luglio 2016

Maybe we put her off in some way
Who knows but i was hoping for a strong pitch from someone other than me to my wife which has been a very tough sell snd still is she is still kinda sorta leary ???
Asks me strange qu timidly is it safe in tge rains ;-)
My god r ve the same family even ?

Gayatrikr | 10 luglio 2016

Its easy anyone who has seen my post and my id to know what location

vperl | 10 luglio 2016

I see you now,close your drapes.

sgoldkin | 10 luglio 2016

My sales person was awesome. I was as impressed with her as with the Tesla. She was knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Everyone I met at the store seemed very friendly and outgoing.

carlk | 10 luglio 2016

About X feel heavy i don't know if you meant in a bad way. If it is then you can set the steering mode according to your preference to change that. I benched marked the Porsche I've driving and set my S P85+ to "Sport" to get the same steering feel. It came very close in pretty much every way. However for some reason X set at Sport feels significantly heavier. I have to set it at Standard to match what I'm used to. After that it steers pretty much the same as my S. You could set it at Comfort if you prefer even lighter effort. You'll lose some of the road feed back though.

AlMc | 10 luglio 2016

Rapidly growing company with the sales staff at many locations knowing less than this and TMC forum members about the product can be frustrating. In addition, as a reservation holder and model S owner you should expect a better experience.
As mentioned above....interact with the sales manager there and/or if needed.

Gayatrikr | 10 luglio 2016

Carlk thnx i was not driving ;-) wife was somehow just felt something like that from the passenger seat rear
AIMc its ok maybe just a bad timing
Sgold gud for u

Gayatrikr | 10 luglio 2016

No i didnt mean heavy in a bad way probably meant more sturdy sort of thing

socalsam | 10 luglio 2016

I know you have your heart set on the 5 seater but 6 seat configuration is the best by far. Upgrade and get your car sooner! It's worth it.

Claudedohrn | 10 luglio 2016

Not to be a wise guy, but the very first time I drove/rode a Tesla of any type I was in my own car. I guess that means I have faith. Has worked out well for me.

vperl | 10 luglio 2016

Soci, hand him the CASH

to make the change. Until then one might not be so inclined.

eric.zucker | 11 luglio 2016

@gayatrikr: Thanks for posting your experience. I find it so very unusual - Did you try calling your original contact you set up the appt with?

At least you got a good feeling for the car, and that's the most important - I wouldn't let their nonchalant/disinterested attitude pass however.

Gayatrikr | 11 luglio 2016

Thnx socal thinking thinking thinking wud b happy if it went to batt but these features eill go unused

Eric please c op

aesculus | 11 luglio 2016

Gayatrikr: Spill the beans on which SC you had the bad experience with. It's no worse than giving them a bad review on Yelp. This is one of the reasons the forums exists. Your experience may have been unique or maybe not. Feedback is good, even if you were a singular case. The people on this forum should not base any opinion on one report but it could help others know that the particular SC needs some help or that they could possibly be below the curve on giving out good info.

My experiences with both Fremont and Rocklin locations have been good but it both cases some info I was giving was not correct. This is normal for a new product and that is why I validate what I see and hear from many sources before I make an opinion. And like @Claudedohrn, the first Tesla I ever drove or was in moving was my own leaving the delivery center.

aesculus | 11 luglio 2016

was given. I was not giving the info (or actually in some cases I was) :-)

vperl | 11 luglio 2016

You are excused, even thou everyone knew what you said, the spelling and punctuation flock are not here today.

Maybe soon.

Gayatrikr | 11 luglio 2016

My first tesla was also my drive out of the delivery center
But the wait for X was killing me thot will do some good to wife by having her test drive snd lidten to the sales guys fill her up with minute details as always it went the wrong way