Elon, you hopefully did it right this time: "make me able to carry my big stuff"

Elon, you hopefully did it right this time: "make me able to carry my big stuff"

"Tesla was also working on improving the design of the prototype’s trunk for a bigger opening in the production.
This weekend, Elon confirmed that Tesla already fixed the issue – hinting at progress on the design."

The only alternative: add a lagre open 5th door...

Analysts Predict Increase In Hatchback Sales In US: "A vehicle that “can carry my stuff".
Submitted by Ø on June 6, 2016
Sedan = "Dead man walking".

Trends in the auto industry change as often as preferences in the world of fashion. IHS Automotive tracks changes in the industry. It divides the automobile marketplace into 6 basic body styles. It says the hatchback is poised to make the largest percentage gain in popularity in the near term.

Right now, hatchbacks represent only 4.8% of light vehicle sales in the US, but IHS says that number will grow to 6.6% by 2020. That’s a 37% increase. The hatchback is the most popular light vehicle choice for Europeans. Almost 40% of new passenger vehicles on the continent are 5 door cars. That means most manufacturers already have hatchback designs in production. Most could be easily adapted to the American market if the demand from customers is there.

Honda is expected to offer a 5 door version of the Civic beginning with the 2017 model year. “Development of a hatchback for the Civic would happen with or without the U.S. market,” IHS analyst Stephanie Brinley says. “If it can help increase sales, it can be worth the effort and cost to bring it here.”

Chevrolet is also preparing a hatchback version of the Cruze for next year. The Mazda 3 and Ford Focus already are available as hatchbacks. Toyota will slap a new badge on the former Scion iM hatchback and market it as the Corolla iM. Last week, Volvo showed off two new small car designs. both of which are 5 door designs.

Many electric cars feature a hatchback, including the Toyota Prius, Chevy Volt, and the Nissan LEAF. The new Chevy Bolt is a 5 door car and the Hyundai Ioniq, which arrives later this year, will also be a hatchback. As excited as people are about the upcoming Tesla Model 3, there many were disappointed that the car is not a hatchback design and has a rather small trunk opening.

After studying potential Honda Civic buyers, Honda determined that “there is a growing market for [hatchback s], so we want to be on the forefront,” says Jeff Conrad, general manager of American Honda. The company’s research found more and more customers telling product planners they want a vehicle that “can carry my stuff.”

Buyers are showing a strong preference for smaller, more nimble crossovers with higher fuel economy. Models such as the Mazda CX-3, the Honda HR-V, and the Jeep Renegade are increasing in popularity and blurring the line between a hatchback and a crossover. Edmunds analyst Jessica Caldwell.

“Practicality and flexible cargo space are the big selling points of small crossovers,” says Jessica Caldwell of “That same reasoning can apply to hatchbacks.”

Ehninger1212 | 15 luglio 2016

I was just reading this article, I hope we get some sort of confirmation. Maybe Mr. Musk can post a photo of a bunch of pencils on the ground. In all seriousness, the hatchback thing has been beat to hell. If he did change the design to a liftback/hatchback i may not keep my Land Rover when i get my M3. But it doesnt really matter to me THAT much.

EaglesPDX | 15 luglio 2016

Ah but the "beating" is what got Tesla and Musk to respond so all to good effect. For people to be able to afford the T3, they need to be able to depend on it as the family car and things like the hatchback, range and towing are key if folks are going to be able to give up the expense of the 2nd car.

If EVs are going to make it, they have to be able to be the only car people own, they can't be a luxury item that requires having a second car. Tesla did say that is what they were aiming for on the T3.

Ehninger1212 | 15 luglio 2016

Good point Eagles. like i just said, if it was a hatch or lift back i might give up my land rover (which i love) it just sits in my garage, i usually drive my land rover to carry things my focus sedan cannot.

The more and more i read these postings about hatchbacks the more i can imagine how convenient they must be. I am the type of person who has always owned trucks ands SUVs, (yeah its Texas) i only recently purchased my focus for a bridge between my land rover and model 3, and i am having a tough time adjusting to the size.

All the forums post cant be wrong though, Now im hoping its a hatch back of some sort.


Red Sage ca us | 15 luglio 2016


Bill Korea | 15 luglio 2016

During the body-on-frame days, the SUV was a covered pickup truck. With the modern unibody, the SUV has the form of a hatchback raised off the ground. No doubt the extra ground clearance is useful when on safari. On the road and in the city it is worse than useless. You can carry more stuff with a larger, better arranged, and more accessible interior volume, not with higher ground clearance. I'm just stating the obvious in the face of ever-increasing light-truck sales. Shouldn't it be less than cool to buy the wrong tool for the job? Following the crowd never took much effort either.

KP in NPT | 15 luglio 2016

Someone is off their meds again.

Badbot | 15 luglio 2016

No D'uh

bj | 16 luglio 2016

Ø - I was only thinking a few days ago that we haven't seen you here for a while. When the final design of the 3 is revealed and it is not a hatch (it won't be - never was, never will) are you going cancel your reservation? Will you still post about it? Have you ever posted about any other topic?

There are points at which dogged persistence in the face of insurmountable odds moves from being amusing to tiresome to being flagged (as you have seen from Red above). Just some friendly advice.

Rwolf01 | 8 settembre 2016

I'm looking at the T3 as a replacement for my Prius. As an avid scuba diver I am *addicted* to the large tailgate and flat interior plane. (The Prius has a hidden storage compartment below the plane which is handy for putting high value items like laptops and camera gear out of sight)

A small opening or a deep welled trunk is a deal breaker for me. If they are not available in Model 3 I'll have to cancel my reservation and choose between a used Model S and a Chevy Bolt.

carlos | 8 settembre 2016

Talk about beating a dead horse.....!

dsvick | 8 settembre 2016

... with a broken stick.

Red Sage ca us | 8 settembre 2016

... that is on fire.

Badbot | 8 settembre 2016

with hoof & mouth

dsvick | 9 settembre 2016

The stick has hoof and mouth? :)

SamO | 9 settembre 2016
mwenn1 | 9 settembre 2016

still not going to be a hatchback, sorry!

EaglesPDX | 9 settembre 2016

@mwenn1 "still not going to be a hatchback, sorry!"

But it is going to be a "lift back" like the TS. People get all hung up about names, "hatchback" and "liftback" vs. the basic function, a high and wide rear opening to allow easy loading of cargo, from groceries to surfboards.

KP in NPT | 9 settembre 2016

Why do you believe it is going to be a LIFTBACK like the MS? Tesla has never said that. Only that they were working to enlarge the trunk opening.

bernard.holbrook | 9 settembre 2016

While a hatch or liftback would make the car better, I don't think that's what's coming. Still hoping though...

Red Sage ca us | 9 settembre 2016

... on a very hot day.

eandmjep | 9 settembre 2016

If anyone wants a 'Lift/Hatch' back, wait for the "Y". I'm OK with the trunk. Not an issue for me.

bernard.holbrook | 10 settembre 2016

@Red Sage ca us "... on a very hot day."

I don't get the reference. I tried "Urban Dictionary" without luck. All Google had was a reference to Peppa Pig (kids show). Care to explain?

@eandmjep - I don't want an SUV so the Y is not likely to be a good fit. I want a car, preferably with a hatch. I understand that you like or prefer a trunk- you are getting it with the current version of the 3. Many of us want a hatch/lift/wagon so we need Tesla to hear that the demand is there so that they might eventually build one as an option on the 3 drive-train. You have the car that you want; stop complaining about people asking for what they want.

johndoeeyed | 10 settembre 2016

I expect that many of those who have been saying the Model 3 will not be a liftback, including posters on this thread, will suddenly switch to saying that they predicted it, if is indeed a liftback. Or that a liftback is not really a liftback, even though it is a liftback. The same thing is currently happening with pay-per-use supercharging, and previously with the second Secret Plan.

Red Sage ca us | 10 settembre 2016

Try looking up-thread, eh...? It is a running joke, and stuff.

carlos | September 8, 2016
Talk about beating a dead horse.....!
dsvick | September 8, 2016
... with a broken stick.
Red Sage ca us | September 8, 2016
... that is on fire.
Badbot | September 8, 2016
with hoof & mouth
dsvick | September 9, 2016
The stick has hoof and mouth? :)
Red Sage ca us | September 9, 2016
... on a very hot day.