22" Onyx Black wheel touch up paint. Any recommendation?

22" Onyx Black wheel touch up paint. Any recommendation?

I got a curb scrape on my 22" onyx black wheel while I was trying pass a stupid minivan blocking the way. Anyone with the same problem. Which touch up paint did you use? Thanks in advance.

speyerj | 16 luglio 2016

This, and a few other reasons, was why I didn't get black wheels. I live in a city and I just couldn't see how those things wouldn't get chewed up nearly instantly. No matter how careful you are. Sorry mhkeyemd.

mhkeyemd | 16 luglio 2016

Yes. It is a risk that I took for its look. I still like the wheels, I ordered Toyota Onyx Black touch up paint and DrColorChip Tesla jet black touch up paint to see if they will work out. I've done some touch up works on my cars in the past. DrColorChip works quite well. I'm hoping black color will be easier to match than Pearl White and Diamond Graphite I had in the past with my gasoline cars. I'll post the result once I get the paints.

jamie.baxter | 8 agosto 2016

I've had great success by cleaning the area with Simple Green, then allowing to completely dry, and finally using a black sharpie marker. I've used both a broad tip and fine tip marker to fill in the scratch on the wheel and it works really well.

drealestate1 | 8 agosto 2016

Picked up my car Thursday, by Sunday my back passenger rim was chewed..sick

madodel | 8 agosto 2016

Odd that the Tesla online store only has touchup paint for the silver and grey wheels.

mhkeyemd | 15 settembre 2016

I think I finally found a good paint match for the onyx black wheel. I've been using Dr ColorChip system for 3 years for my cars. It is the "non-blob" paint touch-up system. The color that I used was 2011 Toyota Camry 202 black (onyx black) from There are several YouTube videos on how to use this system.

KurtsX | 21 settembre 2016

Just picked up my new X (Sep 19th) with 22" black wheels......First thing out of the delivery guy was "sorry, but we had an issue with your left front of the techs scraped it. We will notify you to get it either repaired or replaced." I have now started looking for some Rim Guard products, thinking it may be the only way to protect the wheels. Any suggestions on products?

lilbean | 21 settembre 2016
mhkeyemd | 24 settembre 2016 has rim protectors, but they did not recommend on black 22" wheels because they said the tape does not stay well on the wheels because of the black paint. At least, that is what they told me. I have a good wheel repair guy near my home. I assume I'll be calling him every so often to do a touch-up on my wheels if the damage is big. Otherwise, paint touch ups....

Silver2K | 25 settembre 2016

napa paint!

they have all the tesla colors in their books and mix any color you like. I had someone say the paint they make may not stand the temperature the rims get to, but I have had no issues on my rims. mine came custom with rash from previous owner (CPO).

artc1688 | 11 novembre 2019

just saw a product called Alloygator wheel protectors
seems very interesting and may be worth the money to protect the rims.