New $1000 owner referrals July through October 15, 2016

New $1000 owner referrals July through October 15, 2016

Strange that it starts where we left off last Friday and no email announcing it, only MyTesla showing info and link.

Well at least now when I give rides to my friends with my X75D delivering this Saturday I can offer them 10 new referral codes. Mine was a 4 month wait which I think was still below average for most.

hl11211 | 18 luglio 2016

My referral code is

jason1466 | 18 luglio 2016

Is this a "new" program, I am not so sure?

The owner rewards link in MyTesla still has the same old info that says expires July 15th. I wonder if this is a web deployment mistake while trying to show owners how many referrals they received in the last program. If I were ready to order and wanted $1000 off, I would do it quickly before it gets pulled, maybe, maybe not. My bet is on this being a mistake that will be remedied shortly. No new program so quickly, maybe in a couple months like last time.

drshariff | 18 luglio 2016

Yes.It's back..says 90days on mine

My Magic Carpet | 18 luglio 2016

Save $1000 on a new Model S or Model X using my referral link:

Triggerplz | 18 luglio 2016

WOW all these threads about a referral, I feel like I just pulled up to a car dealership and I got 5 car salesmen at my car before I can even get out the car

Realure | 18 luglio 2016

Consider this site: that gives a random referral link to each new buyer. It is a fairer way to find an owner if you don't know any.

Deenobrown | 18 luglio 2016

Here are the details:
Referral Program

The current Tesla Referral Program begins July 18 and will run until October 15, 2016. Anyone who orders a new Model S or Model X during this period using the referral link of a Tesla owner will get a $1,000 credit towards the purchase price.

To show our appreciation, referring owners will be eligible for our Referral Program awards:

10 Qualifying Referrals
Owners who make 10 qualifying referrals will receive an invitation for two to attend our next Tesla unveiling event.

5+ Qualifying Referrals
Owners who make 5 qualifying referrals will receive a set of 21" custom Arachnid wheels in black, silver or grey, including summer performance tires and installation. These exclusive forged aluminum wheels offer improved performance and are not available for purchase.

3+ Qualifying Referrals
Owners who make 3 or more referrals will receive an exclusive Tesla Owners Jacket.

2+ Qualifying Referrals
Owners who makes 2 or more qualifying referrals will receive a Tesla Leather Duffel, not available for purchase.

Ludicrous P90D Model X
Each qualified referral you make gives you an additional entry into a drawing to win a Ludicrous P90D Model X.

We know that without our customers we would not be where we are today. This is our way of thanking you for your support in building the Tesla community.

Owners who won awards in the program that ended July 15, 2016 will receive email instructions after the Model X drawing on or around July 31. Owners who won invitations to the Gigafactory opening event have already been contacted.

Discounts to owners from previous programs will expire on December 31, 2016.

Related order must be placed between July 18, 2016 and October 15, 2016 and delivered for a referral code to qualify. Pre-owned vehicles are not eligible. Limit of 10 referrals per owner.

Must be at least 18 years old to be eligible for awards. No entry fee, payment or purchase required for the drawing. A random drawing will be held on or around October 31, 2016 to determine the winner. The winner will be contacted thereafter. Awards are non-transferable and not redeemable for cash. The winner is responsible for all taxes and local requirements and fees. Program and awards are conditional on and subject to local laws and regulations. Unfortunately, Ohio and Virginia residents are not eligible for awards.

Good Faith
We introduce programs such as these in good faith and expect the same good faith in return. Please note that we may withhold awards where we believe customers are acting in bad faith or otherwise acting contrary to the intent of this program. To be clear, commercializing or otherwise selling referral codes is not appropriate, and we will not honor such codes. We cannot cover every nefarious scenario, nor will we attempt to, but we do promise to be fair and reasonable.

Here is my code if anyone needs one:

dhelmly | 19 luglio 2016

Here's my code:

TeslaBargain | 19 luglio 2016

And another one, shamelessly adding myself to the list of referral code owners:

blackXblack | 19 luglio 2016

here's mine - DC Area!

deloryan | 19 luglio 2016

And mine :) in MN

siliconhammer | 19 luglio 2016

here is mine, in California Bay Area, pick up at the factory and get a tour!

Civilpe | 19 luglio 2016

I have ordered my Model X in early June and am expecting delivery between late August to early September. I received the following email from Mr. Srivats yesterday:

"Hi Ned,

We’re excited to extend the Tesla Referral Program until October 15, 2016. Just share your personal code with friends, family, or anyone else. They can use the code to get a $1,000 credit towards a new Model S or Model X.

Your personal code:

This time, our program awards include an invitation for two to our next product unveiling event, a set of 21” custom Arachnid wheels, and exclusive merchandise. Each referral order also gives you an additional entry in a drawing to win a Ludicrous P90D Model X. Check out the full details of the program here.

Thanks for your support in building the Tesla community.

Ganesh Srivats
Vice President, North America"

This promotion was the final incentive that I needed to place my order. If you are considering buying a Model X or S, here is my code for your US $1,000 discount.

jason1466 | 21 luglio 2016

Well I ended up being right about it not being a new referral program, but wrong about it being a mistake. It is an extension. I pick up my white on white X75D Saturday morning, then have a list of friends that are waiting to see and ride, so my bet is at least one of them buys using this incentive before October. Seems like a good simple sales program, more brand exclusive than normal advertising.

Bradtc | 21 luglio 2016

This one is good for either US$1000 or Can$1200 off. Hope it can help somebody.

Clublon | 21 luglio 2016

Jason, Did your number of referrals change and reset for the "new" program? Lon

Triggerplz | 21 luglio 2016


lilbean | 21 luglio 2016

Me too.

lasse | 21 luglio 2016


One referral so far. Would be nice to get two or three :)

Tim | 22 luglio 2016

Another referral code -

Enjoy your new purchase!

jason1466 | 23 luglio 2016

Just noticed MyTesla shows 1 referral. I had 3 from the last program and that count showed until this morning making it look like an extension which meant count would keep incrementing. But now it seems the count starts over. Anyone else see a downward change in count recently?

Triggerplz | 23 luglio 2016

Referral code with a bonus

Clublon | 24 luglio 2016

Jason, Yes it looks like count starts over. Current referral program states: " Related order must be placed between July 18, 2016 and October 15, 2016 and delivered for a referral code to qualify." Note comment about vehicle having to be delivered.

Realure | 24 luglio 2016

For full details on getting the rebate, go to where everything is explained for saving the most on your new purchase.

jason1466 | 25 luglio 2016

Clublon, there is some discussion about reset vs extension over at TMC. It seems some have reset while others still show original count, it is strange.

jason1466 | 25 luglio 2016

For the record I started this thread before any others last week to bring light to the extended/new/mistaken owner referral program proven by my link at the time. I am not begging for referrals as has been discussed in other threads. This forum looks to be un-moderated, so for serious discussion I suggest TMC where referral posts do get cleaned up (merged, not deleted). There are some good discussions and posters here, so I monitor both being very new to Tesla. Thanks to those who have shared their great ideas and experience.

ernie | 25 luglio 2016

Carny hawkers all...sick.

rossRallen | 25 luglio 2016

@ernie - Hey! Some of my best friends are carnies!

Well, I have mixed feelings about all the rebate threads. But, $1000 is nothing to sneeze at, and you can go through that much immediately by buying a practical charging solution: an HPWC and a CHAdeMO adapter.

Triggerplz | 25 luglio 2016

@rossrallen someone posted you can get the $1000 just by asking for it you don't need a referral and yes u can go thru a $1000 fast, I paid $500 for the outdoor cover which I have never used as I park in my garage matter of fact I've never even taken it out the carry bag it lives in my frunk and I was charged $500 to change from 20in wheels to 22in wheels.. That was a $1000 gone at ludicrous speed ..Having said that Before I would use a referral from one of these circling vultures I would just ask for the $1000 off. 12 different threads on referrals is to much.. And we also got people that will post for instance they having a problem with a door and at the end they will post their referral code hence contaminating that thread with more referral bullshit..

Clublon | 26 luglio 2016

Before I placed my order I asked sales rep if I could get the $1000 off without a code. I was told I needed to have a code and sales rep was not going to help me find one. It was the code I eventually used that got me to finally place my order. I used Jason's and was glad that it allowed me the discount.

I know there are some people upset about people posting their codes. This is part of an email I got from Tesla yesterday: "For additional savings, anyone who orders any new Model S or Model X between now and October 15th through the Tesla Referral Program gets a $1,000 credit towards the purchase. Just get the special personal code of any Tesla owner and enter it at the time of purchase." Notice it states that you only need the personal code of any Tesla owner..... Does not say that you have to be their best friend or have given them rides, or spent hours answering their questions. I had to go looking for a code and at that time I was warned by sales rep that those posted on forums were often used up already. I was happy to use Jason's code. If I can make it easier for a new purchaser of a Tesla to save $1000 I am all for it. So the posters of codes may be a nuisance to some for the next month or so, lets not forget it is potentially saving a purchaser a $1000. Years ago I use to clip grocery coupons and was glad to save 10 cents on a box of cereal. With that in mind you can only imagine how happy I was to save $1000. Oh yea, here is my code:

Triggerplz | 26 luglio 2016

@clublon I can understand getting the $1000 discount but why is it necessary to have 12 different threads about it, the other day it was like 8 threads on the front page alone about referrals..

Civilpe | 26 luglio 2016

I suggest that common sense be used to keep this site functional for both Tesla owners and prospective buyers. If the title of the thread contains a topic mentioning referral or it is related to a prospective buyer, then one would expect to have referral codes. Otherwise, I agree that one should not be posting their referral code. Users familiar with this site should refrain from starting new referral threads.

If we stop adding responses to the multiple referral threads, then they eventually go to the bottom.

Similar to @Clublon, I ended up using Google to find a referral code when I placed my order.

Since this thread is all about referrals, here is mine:

Triggerplz | 26 luglio 2016


Civilpe | 27 luglio 2016


jason1466 | 28 luglio 2016

Has anyone heard from Tesla if this program is new as in start at 0, or extension as in count should have continued. I know some owners have experienced both with no rhythm or reason, with no responses from Tesla yet. Please no more referral links, just discussion if possible.

Civilpe | 28 luglio 2016

Jason, per the email that I received, it was labeled as extension, so it would seem that the referral count should also extend (versus starting over). Unfortunately, I only have 1 referral and do not know if it came before or after extension. Does anyone else have a count before and after that could confirm?

bward76 | 28 luglio 2016

My addition, NV

robinggnixon | 29 luglio 2016

My Tesla referral number is:

teslamotors | 29 luglio 2016
Triggerplz | 29 luglio 2016

With this code you get free Xpel

pale_rider | 31 luglio 2016

Here's another from TX if anyone needs it...

TeslaBargain | 1 agosto 2016

This is incredible, I mean who of anyone to the least informed here could even knew? I won't even use my own referral link this time, but point to the following great site I just recently found instead:

My Magic Carpet | 2 agosto 2016

Save $1000 on a news Tesla Model S or Model X by using this link:

jason1466 | 2 agosto 2016

Just got an email requesting bag and jacket size choices. Jacket includes embroidered first initial and last name so those spamming their code will end up with duplicate jackets as name is not changeable during the order. I suppose 2 weekender bags is nice, but those wheels I did not get to are only for Model S I saw officially on another thread. If they send a tax notice, most folks will be lucky to break even with the hassle of selling them as well. Careful what you wish for :).

jason1466 | 4 agosto 2016

Update: In my opening post (at top) I mentioned I would be getting my X75 that Saturday. DS cancelled my delivery 2 days before. An issue with the door needed repair in the body shop, panel alignment I presume. I really thought we were past that sort of thing since VIN 9000, sigh. Anyway, pick-up attempt #2 this Saturday 8/6. It's been a long wait by current order standards, confirmed 3/13, but 4.5 months is still better than many. I hope there are no more issues upon my inspection as I have not seen it yet.

Triggerplz | 4 agosto 2016

@jason we on the same time frame I confirmed early Jan and picked mine up the end of May..Enjoy

jason1466 | 4 agosto 2016

@Triggerplz, thank you. BTW, I "think" I recall seeing you are in the MD/DC area like me and you did seat back film on your car. Sent you a PM on TMC last week, but perhaps you don't check there much. I still have not finalized an installer around here, one popular one wants $1200 for 4 seats covered :(. Can you tell me who did yours either via TMC or just here? I am looking for that and a ceramic coating next week before a long family trip in the new car. TIA

Triggerplz | 4 agosto 2016

@jason Skip from PFTFILMS.COM did my seat backs, I drove to Upper Marlboro MD and he came to my brothers house and did it in his garage I paid 695.00 for the seat backs I have a 6 seater He did the 4 seats and the headrest on the third row his number is 7039447076,

Triggerplz | 4 agosto 2016

@jason go to the "awful glossy seat backs" thread by Ernie that's still on the front page and you will see a picture of my finished seat back, it not only protects the seat back but I'm so glad I got rid of those shiney patent leather looking things.. It's all good for those who like the shiney look they just not for me.

lilbean | 4 agosto 2016

Getting mine wrapped right now :)