Tires Sizes

Tires Sizes

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to get an idea from other reservation holders one what wheel sizes they would prefer? If the size options for the model 3 were 18 or 20 inches, which would you chose and why? Personally, I like the idea of 20s, but heard the ride could be a bit rough.


Kal | 20 agosto 2016

Get the low-profile 20s if you like the look and don't care about getting flats and replacing the tires at 10K miles or so. This is true of any car, not just Tesla. They do handle wonderfully.

If you prefer a more comfortable ride and rather not get frequent flats and rim damage, go for the 18". They also last a lot longer - maybe 30-45K miles, and are far cheaper when they do need replacement.

purepwnage5000 | 20 agosto 2016

Tesla has placed a huge order with Hankook to supply tires for the Model 3, Find out what sizes have been ordered. I'll go for standard size 17 or 18 inch tires because it is a smoother ride and less expensive to replace tires, and I don't like the look of huge 20 inch rims. Even 18 is kind of big.

Walterfclark | 20 agosto 2016

Those are great points. I was thinking about 20's but will probably mess them up with my aggressive driving. :( Any ideas how much it will be for the upgrade to 20's? I think they look really nice.

kaffine | 20 agosto 2016

I would prefer 16" but doubt that will be an option. I do all my own maintenance including tires so I would rather not have low profile tires as I use a manual tire machine and it is hard enough to do normal tires with it.

RSavage_92024 | 20 agosto 2016

@kaffine Kudos to you! I'm guessing there are exceedingly few of us here who have busted tires manually. Every time I see a super low profile tire, I shudder at the thought of mounting it without a machine.....and wonder if the person who DID mount it has any idea how magic the new machines are. Old school rocks ;)

That having been said, I'm thinking 16 is going to look a little small on the Model 3. I'll be going 17 or more.

Pkalhan | 21 agosto 2016

Hey Guys, thank you for your responses. I think I will stick wth the 18s over the 20s. I believe on another thread most people are thinking the size options available will be 18 and 20. I am thinking the upgrade to 20 will run about $1500. I will pass, got a budget to maintain.

Efontana | 21 agosto 2016

Somewhere I think I saw the size called out. A video shows 235/35 R20 (26.5 overall diameter) on the front an 275/30 R20 (26.5 overall diameter) on the back. This is about the diameter of a 700C road bike tire and there are lots of good choices there.

My favorite is 245/45R18. There is a 100Y load rated Michelin Pilot Super Sport in that size for $228.20. That is what I would run all around with no expectation of disappointment.

Badbot | 21 agosto 2016

I would love to option 16 inch wheels but will 16's clear the brake calipers?

michael | 21 agosto 2016

I don't want low profile tires they wear out faster are more susceptible to flats from road hazards and they transmit more road noise into the cabin. So 18" over 20" for me!

leskchan | 22 agosto 2016

My answer is simple, the base option, whatever size it, as it is included in the price. I would rather spend my option money on larger battery, all-wheel drive, and auto pilot.

ero.kube | 4 settembre 2016

I have 28/225/40 and its painful... but if the road is OK, its great to drive... so I guess it depends on the territory you drive in..

jefjes | 5 settembre 2016