Tesla model 3 in India , do u think that Tesla autopilot can handle the Indian roads ?

Tesla model 3 in India , do u think that Tesla autopilot can handle the Indian roads ?

I am an Indian and I am planning to reserve one model 3 , but I got a big doubt . Can u guys help me ?

Mathew Joseph

firetree_99 | 27 agosto 2016

Might not be a good idea. I went to china last year and i imagine traffic in india is similar there. There are hardly any rules especially in smaller cities!

KP in NPT | 27 agosto 2016

Well not having been to India and seen the roads, as AP is now, roads must have clear lane markings to work properly. If say the passenger side marking disappears, it will adhere to the drivers side marking, but here in the US that is usually only for a short period of time before the outer marking reappears. I do not activate AP if there are poor or no lane markers.

KP in NPT | 27 agosto 2016

firetree_99 - AP as it is now should not be used in cities, only on highways, unless you are in slow traffic (bumper to bumper) situations in those cities.

jamilworm | 27 agosto 2016

I don't think it would work well in any place with very aggressive drivers. I have traveled in India and even aside form unclear lane markings, you face cars constantly overtaking in the oncoming traffic lanes and cutting you off suddenly. I think an autopilot Tesla would get "scared" and keep veering off the road whenever someone cut you off.

By the way, I don't mean to imply that Indian drivers are mean or inconsiderate, this is just how the normal driving style is there.

lilbean | 27 agosto 2016


SbMD | 27 agosto 2016

AP, in the current form, will not work on the majority of city roads nor rural roads in India. But that should not deter people from considering the M3 when the time comes.

don | 1 settembre 2016

I spent a month in Bangalore last year. I think Ludicrous mode would need to be replaced with Crazy mode, perhaps designed to stay 6 inches from the car/scooter/cow in front of you, regardless of where it goes...

darlin | 1 settembre 2016

No. Roads are not in good enough shape except in large cities.

damonmath | 1 settembre 2016

With the right of way going from biggest vehicle to smallest (smallest being a pedestrian), I would avoid AP in India.

HWF | 1 settembre 2016

I spent 2 weeks in Northern India two years ago. If that's where the OP is from, do not even consider using an auto pilot function.

sp_tesla | 1 settembre 2016

Waiting for comments from our Indian #1 fan?

SCCRENDO | 1 settembre 2016

Was in India last October. Not sure how autopilot deals with trees in the middle of the freeway, cows pigs etc. if you get AP keep your hands on the wheel and don't fall asleep.

David N | 2 settembre 2016

Hell no

David N | 2 settembre 2016

The description of roads and drivers in India sounds very similar to the description of driving in Peru.
In cities and towns, Traffic lights and STOP signs are generally ignored. It's sort of a every driver for themself environment. A bit scary.
In the countryside, pastures do not have fences so driving involves dodging livestock.
Wether you have AP or not, keep your hands on the wheel and pay attention.

sklancha | 9 settembre 2016

Save your money on the autopilot, and use it on features that you can use where you drive. Autopilot does not do crazy ;) I have never lived in India, but I've lived in Panama which is supposedly less ... aggressive, and my friends who have been in both countries tell me that India is much more challenging ( as far as driving is concerned.

captjsc | 10 settembre 2016

I am a Mumbaikar and booked Tesla-3.....BUT ... A big NO to AP India as of now.

carlk | 10 settembre 2016

Tesla map does not show any store in India. Is there a plan to open one in the near future?