Suicide doors, a better solutoin ?

Suicide doors, a better solutoin ? | 28 agosto 2016

Interesting mod to a Tesla. Looks like a quality job, even though it is a bit over the top!

Most suicide doors are a royal pain to use at least in cars that use them like the BMW i3 or Mazda RX8, . You can't get out of the rear doors without opening the front doors, so the rear passengers are trapped. This would be a huge step backwards.

bj | 28 agosto 2016


Frank.B.Smith | 28 agosto 2016

A company that can create the Falcon wing door can perfect a suicide door that does not require the front door to open before opening the rear door.

Tiebreaker | 28 agosto 2016

They are "been there,done that".

Red Sage ca us | 28 agosto 2016

Side impact crash tests are what force the closing of doors in a particular order. In old cars of the past the 'B-Pillar' either wasn't there at all, or was a short pedestal that stopped below the lip of the lower window edge. In order to remove the B-Pillar with current vehicles and still meet side-impact resistance requirements, the front door has to close against a solid piece other than the top and bottom edges of the door opening. So, the rear door closes first, latches into place, and the front door closes next. Remember, the pole test goes into the driver side door panel. | 29 agosto 2016

I suspect the market has spoken or all cars would have suicide doors. The simple answer is almost no one wants them.

d.r.coursol | 29 agosto 2016

If you take the Porsche Mission e for example and imagine two people attempting to get in at the same time you can see why it would be a bad idea. Especially if your parked beside another car.

Ross1 | 30 agosto 2016

Citroen concept car has suicide doors,
also, Nissan IDS concept which foreshadows Leaf and bigger, has gull wing double size doors opening up like a lounge room.

jordanrichard | 30 agosto 2016

Yes a lot of concept cars have suicide doors because it looks cool and gets you over to the manufacturer's stand at car shows, or it makes for get pics in magazines/online.

Red Sage ca us | 31 agosto 2016

Suicide doors were a great idea when cars all had bench seats that folded down into a flat bed and there was no B-pillar in the way. Seat belts, shoulder belts, sport bucket seats, supplemental restraint airbag systems, and side impact crash regulations all conspired to eliminate suicide doors in favor of 'safe' doors instead.

wkessinger | 1 settembre 2016

I have them on my Element and really like them. Very continent on that vehicle but I'm not sure how useful they would be on a sedan.

Ross1 | 2 settembre 2016

i think I had them on my Austin 7, but that was a previous life

ero.kube | 4 settembre 2016

why not a lamborghini doors? :) | 4 settembre 2016

Check out these doors - they slide underneath the car. May not work with the battery pack, but still a cool concept.