2014 CPO and autopilot

2014 CPO and autopilot

How does one tell if the 2014 Teslas on the CPO website are manufactured after October and include the hardware for autopilot?

I'm assuming there exists an upgrade path to enable autopilot on these vehicles. Is that true, and any idea about the cost?

Millionmilesorbust | 17 settembre 2016

Well I believe AP was introduced in late 2014, around October I believe, so chances are most of them weren't equipped with the hardware.

Silver2K | 17 settembre 2016


It's listed in the options list or you can go to and set the search for ap models only

Sam_S | 17 settembre 2016

AP production began around Sept 19, 2014.

I picked up a AP P85 on Sept 30, 2014 from the San Diego SC. That's a rare bird!

Haggy | 17 settembre 2016

The earliest car with AP that I know of (mine) went into production on September 16th, and production status changed that evening. I heard from my DS at around 8pm that day that it hadn't hit production yet and I emailed him slightly after 11pm that I saw it went into production status. I saw posts from others whose vehicles went into production that date and none of them had AP. I also saw posts from people whose cars went into production on Sept 17th and they all had AP. So it seems to be cars that hit production right at the end of that day, but there's no saying how consistent they were with updating build status on line.

I doubt that mine was literally the first, but even given that date, there are a few things you need to know. That date means that cars that started production on that date reached the point in the assembly process when Tesla started installing AP hardware on the date that it started. In other words, if AP hardware started going in on 9/19th, it would have meant that cars that started production late on 9/16th reached the point in the production process on 9/19th just as the changeover happened. That's hypothetical since nobody knows the exact date that Tesla switched over, and I doubt even Tesla paid attention to what date the first car with AP entered the production process, as opposed to when they started putting on the hardware.

Regardless of any of that, build date isn't something that's part of the VIN or anything that comes with the car's documentation. There's a record of the delivery date, but nothing available will tell you whether cars delivered on a certain date had AP hardware or not.

Mine was delivered in Fremont, so there were cars that were made a week earlier with later VINs than mine that got delivered later but lacked AP hardware. So you can't go by VIN either.

The bottom line is that neither VIN nor delivery date will tell you anything, but it's reasonable to assume that anything delivered after October will have it. But even that won't help you and you will have to ask or check whether a particular listing says it's there as a feature.