X with 60D... please stay around

X with 60D... please stay around

Please do not mess with my X60D!

Section 8.0 was bad enough, hope that is my last learning session for a while.

Explanation: I am such a newby it is disgusting...

Did a road trip Austin/Dallas last weekend...all was swell...decided on a run to Bastrop this morning for coffee and a walk in state park with gorgeous neighbor lady, after all Sun was shining.

What a night mare.

I guess the 8.0 update left the voice OFF in my I missed the turn toward the state park and drove significantly beyond... windows down gentle breezes, etc. Then the Nav Bonged 3 times to tell me I was 110 miles from home with 80 miles of battery remaining.

Smart a## nav app flags me and announces... "You need to charge up on way to your destination or you will Not Get Home again."

She had decided I needed to supercharge in Columbus,TX (further away) to get enough power to supercharge in San Marcos, TX and Get home From there...

Plug share scrambled my phone screen so I took the sure fire route to Sonny's RV and paid 5 bucks for a "55 amp quickie"in an inactive corn field.

Had a delightful lunch at 290 Diner and then limped home on the tollway...

We laughed all day at the Tesla suggested playlists, drove the Speed limit and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Home safe with 13 mi SOC.

"Any landing that you walk away from is a good landing"!!

Best to all, Model X rules!!