Registration number

Registration number

Is there anyone out there that can decipher the number assigned by Tesla?

jordanrichard | 15 ottobre 2016

What specifically are you looking to find out? You are not going to be able to find out who will get their car first, because the reservation number has nothing to do with that. You are also not going to be able to find out when one will be bale to configure/order there car because no one knows how many reservation holders will be contact first, to configure/order their car.

topher | 17 ottobre 2016

It is your zipcode * the date you ordered * time you ordered * 2 (if a previous owner), then run through an MD5 hash function, and converted to decimal...


Thank you kindly.

Frank99 | 18 ottobre 2016

The Reservation Number is, as far as anyone has been able to tell, a random number.

For a couple of hours one day, Tesla made a mistake on the website and some people were able to exploit the mistake to determine what appears to be a sequentially assigned number indicating when they registered. Tesla quickly removed the mistake. So, all you can really go by is when you reserved - if you reserved before the reveal on March 31, you're below 115,000. I reserved about an hour after the stores opened in Az/CA, and am about #36000 in line. But, I'm not in California, I'm not a Tesla owner yet, I don't work for Tesla/Solar City/SpaceX, and I'm not planning on ordering a fully optioned car - all of these groups have, at one time or another, been listed as having "priority" in getting their M3. So I have no idea when I'll actually get the call.

ftarnay | 19 ottobre 2016

It is said that Californians will be first so even if you were later in ordering but from California, you may well be ahead of a lot of other people. So it's almost impossible to learn where one is in line.

jordanrichard | 19 ottobre 2016

No, the West coast is getting the car first. Of course that just means 3 states, but it is more than just CA.

bill32162 | 20 ottobre 2016

I hope to get my Model 3 before my 80th birthday June 11, 2018.

dd.micsol | 20 ottobre 2016

Only a certain amount of Calis will get their car first. I believe my friend said 50k then they would move on to other regions and cycle back to California again.